Download Zaptiye Ottoman Mod Apk Android ModIn the game, in which you will go to the 19th century, the Abdulmecid period of the Ottoman Empire, you will fulfill the duties by taking part as an Ottoman police officer. You will travel around the city with the character you direct and ensure the safety of the city. For this, you will first equip your character with weapons and armor and make them able to intervene in events. There are too many events happening in the city. Bandits and gangs are disturbing people around. You will fight alone against these gangs for the peace of the people and the city. You will use your weapon when necessary, intervene closely with a knife or close combat when necessary and neutralize it.

Wandering around the city, you will gain experience points as the missions are completed and you will improve your character’s skills with the experience points you earn. There are horse carriages and horses for you to use in the city. You can drive them whenever you want, making your job easier or just walk around the city. You can also improve your horse skills, chase criminals with the horse and stop them by shooting on the horse or crushing them with the horse.

Download Zaptiye Ottoman Mod ApkDownload Zaptiye Ottoman Mod ApkDownload Zaptiye Ottoman Mod ApkDownload Zaptiye Ottoman Mod Apk

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SIZE: 315 MB

ANDROID: 4.1 and Above

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