Check who viewed your DP on WhatsApp?
who viewed your DP on WhatsApp

Many people are interested in knowing who is checking their Whatsapp profile. But there is a feature missing in WhatsApp that can give this information. However, there are certain apps that can tell you who is visiting your profile. We are talking about one such app here. Find out who viewed your DP on WhatsApp



2.Download What’s tracker app


What Is What’s tracker app?

who viewed your DP on WhatsApp

A perfect useful platform where you can track a user who visits your WhatsApp profile. You can also track your WhatsApp contact’s location on the map. Now no more hidden visitors you can know details about all the visitors and their location too. this application gives you simple route to check who saw your DP on WhatsApp.

  • This app is designed by itamazons. This is a web app called Whats Web.
  • It can also be installed on Android 4.1 and above.
  • It takes different spaces on different smartphones.
  • The company says that from this app, the user can track the location of Whatsapp contact.
  • This app does not have to be a GPS feature on the smartphone. Why this feature is needed.
  • Those Whatsapp statuses are long, they can be read by visiting the profile. In such a situation, users often check photos or status by visiting another’s Whatsapp profile.
    – In addition, many users often keep checking the DP of others’ profiles.

Steps to follow to know who viewed your DP on WhatsApp.

who viewed your DP on WhatsApp

  1. Download the What’s tracker app from google playstore
  2. open the app read it and click agree and continue
  3. complete the registration
  4. Now you can see there are three category
  5. First one is contact widget and secondly is visitor
  6. choose the second option
  7. Now you can see who visited or saw your profile picture
  8. Done

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