WhatsApp Beta Apk – For those of you loyal WhatsApp or WA users, they definitely have the desire or desire to be able to use the WA Beta version. However, unfortunately not everyone can get this opportunity. Including maybe one of them is you. However, by reading this article, you can get this opportunity.

WhatsApp Beta or WA Beta version is a WhatsApp application or product that is under development or testing. WhatsApp beta this time has a dark mode feature or a dark mode feature. Previously, Instagram had introduced a dark mode Beta version. Because Instagram and WhatsApp are one company, it’s no wonder that WA will also be presented in dark mode

For the iOS version, dark mode on Instagram and WhatsApp has been released for the public or for all users. However, for android users, please be patient and don’t be too jealous of iOS users. Currently the developer or developer of Instagram and WhatsApp is developing new features or products so that Dark Mode can be applied, especially on WhatsApp.

As long as you know and you need to know, WhatsApp Beta can only be used by those who get an invitation or get an opportunity where the determination is done randomly. Therefore, only those who are lucky can take advantage WhatsApp Beta Apk. If you are not lucky, then by reading this article you will be lucky. If you want to be lucky you can see this article further

Download WhatsApp Beta Apk Dark Mode

Once again we confirm to you if you are a lucky person after you read this article. On this good opportunity, we will share the WA beta application that you can use and try without having to get an official invitation from the WhatsApp developer. Now, please download the application at the link we have prepared.

Before you download it, you need to be grateful because you can have the opportunity to use the beta version. However, there are things you should know if you can’t use this beta version continuously. If a public version is available or the development process is complete, this beta version will not automatically work. In that sense you have to use an existing version

For this reason, while the public version is still in the development process or you can’t wait for the version that will be released one day, please just use the WhatsApp beta dark mode which we have prepared below. This application can be used and installed on almost all android devices.

Install | WhatsApp Beta Apk

How to Install WhatsApp Beta Apk Dark Mode

To be able to install or install the WA Beta application on your Android phone is not as easy as when you install the application from the application store page you usually use. You have to do some things you have to do manually. Unless your cellphone is already rooted. If it is rooted, please install it immediately. However, if you haven’t done the following

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the Beta version of the WA application on the link we have shared above
  2. Uninstall your official WhatsApp application
  3. Next, if you have downloaded it, don’t install it first
  4. Please enter the settings menu on your cellphone
  5. Select security and tick unknown source
  6. Now please install and you can immediately use it when the install stage is complete

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The final word

Those are the steps you must take in order to install the application that you really need. If you have downloaded and installed it, you can immediately use it WhatsApp Beta Apk so you can immediately enjoy how the application works. If you want a lot of features, use the mod apk version as we discussed earlier