Battlegrounds Mobile India: In recent times, some news is coming out in which, PUBG Mobile India ‘S Facebook, YouTube Officially Battlegrounds Mobile India Has been changed to. Which makes it all that the game will be launched soon.

PUBG Mobile India Has become a household name, establishing a huge fan following. However, the game’s ban in early November completely disappointed the players.

The announcement of the Indian version created an uproar among the Indian players and the players were congratulated for the return of their favorite games. Days and months have passed, and it seems that hope was beginning to wane.

PUBG Mobile India official announcement can be made soon

Over the past few days, its development has intensified, and leaks have propagated that the game’s release date is nearing.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India The URL of the official Facebook page and the name of YouTube and the website have been changed. The new name is ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’. In addition, the URL of the official YouTube channel has also been changed to

Whereas PUBG Mobile India Was posted by the server manager on the official Discord server.

Is PUBG Mobile India available for download?

This came after PUBG Mobile India’s name was changed to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Recently a creative search was made on the game’s official website, which suggested a change in name.

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