Benefits of BRI Simpedes Savings – Simpedes has the complete acronym for Rural Savings. For those who are looking for this product in the urban branch of BRI, you will not find it.

If you create an account, you will be given a Britama savings product instead of Simpedes. The benefits of BRI Simpedes savings are numerous.

This advantage makes rural customers more profitable when they want to open BRI savings. Want to know what benefits are provided? You can see it in this article until it’s finished.

Benefits of BRI Simpedes Savings that You Need to Know

Simpedes provides flexibility to its customers. You can make transactions at any time, shop more flexibly to withdraw cash as needed. Of course, this activity can only be done if the balance in the savings is still sufficient. Speaking of benefits, here are some of the benefits provided:

1. Small Initial Deposit

Even though both deposits go into the account and can be used as desired, in fact the high initial deposit requirements are burdensome for some customers, especially those who do not have more funds at that time.

Interestingly, BRI Simpedes applies a small or light initial deposit, which is only IDR 100,000. This is different from Britama’s savings, whose initial deposit was between IDR 250,000 and IDR 10 million.

2. Has a fairly large transaction limit

Transaction limits are related to the type of ATM card you are using. Because you use Simpedes savings, of course the ATM card you get is a Private Label. It is marked in blue on the ATM card, along with the transaction limit given;

  • The limit for cash withdrawals is IDR 5 million.
  • The limit for merchant shopping is IDR 10 million.
  • The transfer limit between accounts is IDR 20 million.
  • Transfer limit to other banks is IDR 10 million.
  • The minimum balance that must be left in a savings account is IDR 50,000.

3. Low Administration Costs

The advantage of saving at BRI Simpedes is that the monthly administration fee is lower than other types of savings. Administrative costs are fees that BRI takes from customer balances each month.

Administration fees are carried out automatically. So if you transfer or see the balance out in the passbook, there is an administration fee per month that the customer must pay. The administration fee at BRI Simpedes is only Rp. 7 thousand per month. It’s easier than other savings products at BRI.

4. Large Savings Interest

This is the interest that the customer gives when saving using BRI Simpedes. Even though the nominal is less than that of Britain, this amount of savings is quite large for rural people who are diligent in saving. Here’s a list of the flowers;

  • IDR 0 to IDR 500,000, the interest is 0%.
  • IDR 500,001 to IDR 5,000,000, the interest is 1%.
  • IDR 5,000,001 to IDR 50,000,000, the interest is 1.25%.
  • IDR 50,000,001 to IDR 100,000,000, the interest is 1.5%.
  • > IDR 100,000, the interest is 1.75%.

5. Get Complete Features and Services

Although BRI Simpedes is the lowest level of savings provided by BRI, the banking sector still does not differentiate the services they provide. Evidently, its customers get the same features as other customers on it.

You get an ATM card, e-statement, account book, e-banking facility, Mobile App for smartphones and other features. It’s just that you don’t get accident insurance from BRI because this feature is only for Britamas and savings products on it.

With the discussion about the advantages of BRI Simpedes savings above, it is hoped that it will increase customer interest in saving so that the future is brighter. BRI also continues to provide the best service for its customers.