Video Coin App – The Video Coin application is one of the newest money-making applications that is allegedly genuine and not a fraud. We will also discuss this Apk Video Coin (KV) briefly so that it can be used as a recommendation for friends.

In this millennial era, making money from the internet can be done quite easily as long as you know how. Then ReXlover friends themselves can practice this knowledge and most importantly understand all the risks that you have to face.

The increase in intsan money obtained from the cellphone application is now becoming increasingly crowded. One of the staunya video coin apk which is commonly abbreviated as KV Apk.

Moreover, this application has also penetrated several other social media and was viral on TikTok.

This makes many users flock to join this application. So, are ReXlover friends still unsure about the security of Video Coins? Check out the review below if you are still in doubt!

A brief review of Coins Video Apk

Coin Video Apk is a money-making application that claims to provide instant income for its users. The trick is to do the tasks provided in it.

The tasks given in this application include watching videos and other tasks.

Actually, the money-making video application is already familiar because recently there have been several similar applications, one of which is Bisnis Vito Indonesia.

Applications like this are in great demand because they promise an easy income. As a result, there are so many who are tempted and immediately tried without finding out more information.

Like how it works, what tasks are given, how to earn income and losses that could occur.

Video Coins with Ponzi Schemes

If ReXlover’s friend has been a victim of fraud in several applications such as Goins Apk, JD Union to Alimama. So make sure you understand the chain social gathering system.

That new members’ money will flow to old members continuously with the reform system that has been implemented.

The characteristics of a ponzi scheme can be seen by the existence of a member system in which the user must deposit a certain amount of money in advance. So that you can get the VIP member package and can get more tasks.

So that the income you get will be even greater.

But unfortunately this system will not last long, so that many will continuously seek victims through social media such as FB, Instagram, YouTube, and most recently via TikTok by showing off their income.

So that it makes many people more interested in trying it.

Are Video Coins Safe or Scam?

Before using this application, ReXlover friends must know that this Ponzi scheme is actually not safe for users. Not only for application users, but for application owners are also considered unsafe.

Although it is true, now we cannot prove that this application is deceptive because in fact there are users who are able to reap the benefits of this application.

But this application can be closed at any time without any clarity and prior announcement.

Applications like this will usually be closed if there are many users and make a deposit. Then they will run away and the application cannot be opened or used.

Now, this is when new users will start to feel cheated because they have already made large deposits. However, it could not return on investment because the application was quickly closed or even blocked, like the TikTok Cash case yesterday.

Whereas previously TikTok Cash claimed that the application was registered with the OJK so it was considered safe to use. The wise thing is, before using this kind of application, you should not immediately invest large amounts of money.

And find out also the scheme used and the risk of loss that might occur if you use this kind of application.

Download the Video Coin Application

To get the video coin application, you can click the download link below:

Install the application on your device as usual so that this application can be opened and run.

How to Register for Video Coin or KV Applications

But for friends who are curious about how to use this application, we will also provide a way to register to get money from this money-making KV application. Listen yes!

1.) The first step, visit the supertask site 100 via the following link:

2.) You will arrive at the registration page, so you have to fill in some of the required data.

3.) In the first column, please fill in your cellphone number, then the second column enter the password which will be used to log in. In the third column, reconfirm the password.

4.) Next, click the circle next to the words Terms of Service.

5.) Double check the cellphone number and password, if it is correct, immediately click Register.

How to Use Video Coins Application

How to use the KV application itself is not much different from similar applications, here’s how to use it:

1.) First, you have to make a deposit or top up on video coins as a condition so that you can get a task. Then your video coin account will turn into a VIP and you will get income every time you complete a given task or task.

2.) Complete any given task or task such as watching videos or other tasks to earn income.

3.) Invite more friends to use the video coin app for bonuses and benefits.

4.) If you have a lot of balance on your KV account, you can make withdrawals via your bank account.

How to Get Money from the Video Coin Application

To get money from the video coin application, you can use the method below:

1.) Open the app and go to the main page of the video coin app then click the button Start Money.

2.) Then claim Watch and you will be given a daily mission with at least 5 chances.

3.) For the first ad, you only need to watch the video for one minute, and in the second ad the video must be seen for less than a minute.

4.) Then continue all the missions given to completion.

5.) Continue by checking the main page to see if the money will come in. Usually the money or honorarium earned after completing a mission will automatically enter.

The final word

In this millennial era, there are indeed many ways that you can do to get money and income easily. Like the applications we have discussed above, which promises to earn a lot of money simply by watching videos.

But will ReXlover friends just believe it? Moreover, getting here, looking for a job does not become easier, it becomes even more difficult. Imagine if you have a degree and graduated from high school but you don’t have the skills or soft skills it’s hard to get a job.

Especially if you only use the application, can you trust it? Or even cause losses.

So you have to be wiser, it’s better to get money from your own hard work than relying on obscure applications that can cause harm to us.

So many reviews about the Video Coin Application and you should be more careful in receiving information. As who always try to provide actual and informative news so that it is useful for all friends.

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