Understand the concept

The notion of a concept is an abstract and general representation of something that is intended to explain an object, idea, or event.

According to Wikipedia, a concept or design means an abstract and universal mental unit that refers to a category or class of an entity, event, or relation. The word concept comes from Latin which means something that is understood.

Etymologically, the word “concept” comes from the Latin “concept”, meaning something that can be understood. This other concept term includes a series of mutually related statements, ideas / opinions about various events / events and also serves as a basis / guideline for conducting research.

Understand the concept according to the experts

To help understand the meaning of this concept, we can refer to some of the opinions put forward by experts. Below is an understanding of the concepts of experts, namely:

1. According to Sojdadi

The concept of the word is an abstract idea that can be used to group, or also to classify, generally expressed by words or series of words (language symbols).

2. For the deaf

The notion of a concept is a unit of meaning that represents a series of objects with similar properties. The concept can also be symbolized as a word (symbol of language).

3. After Singarambun and Ifendi

The term concept is a generalization of the occurrence of a certain group so that it can be used to describe all types of similar phenomena. The concept is a similar understanding of the material formulated or the problem formulated.

4. According to Aristotle

In his book The Classical Theory of Concepts, Aristotle explains the main components in the making of science and the importance of concepts in relation to the philosophy of human thought.

5. According to Woodruff

Understanding the Woodruff concept can be divided into three areas:

  • Concepts can be interpreted as ideas that are relatively complete and meaningful
  • Concept is the understanding of something
  • A concept is a subjective product that arises from the way a person perceives an object or object in his or her experience (after assuming the object or object).

Concept features

Of course, a concept has many characteristics. Features of the concept below include:

  • Concepts have an abstract character and a mental description of objects, events, or activities.
  • A concept is a collection of objects that usually have attributes or attributes. So there are many things in this concept that can be put together.
  • This concept has a personal character. For example, people’s understanding of the concept of “group” may be different from others’ understanding.
  • These concepts are learned through experiential learning.
  • The concept is not a question about the meaning of a word as it is in a dictionary, the dictionary has another meaning, a wider meaning.

Concept function

In general, this concept has a function to provide an overall picture or explanation for something. Some of the features of the concept are:

1. Cognitive function

In this case, cognitive is the human ability to think optimistically throughout his life. This concept improves a person’s cognitive function.

2. evaluation function

When creating a concept, there is an evaluation process in which the individual determines the value of an item.

3. Operating Function

To do this a solid foundation in the implementation process is required. This concept makes operational processes more effective and efficient.

4. Communication function

As stated above, this concept is a communication process that has explanations, thoughts, ideas about an object or event.

Element in concept

Of course many elements are involved in creating a concept. The elements of this concept are as follows:

First name

It is a concept that represents a word to be able to explain an idea or idea.

Second example

When presenting ideas, there are analytical examples that compare positive and negative examples and their characteristics.

3. Key Features

These basic features are used to create and define examples in concept or non-concept categories.

4. Specialty Area

It is a concept related to other concepts and has many features that limit the concept, including:

  • Superordinate (a concept related to the broader concept)
  • Coordinates (concepts that are equivalent and related to each other)
  • Subordinate (a sub-category or part of a concept)

Concept features

Each of these concepts, of course, has qualities that make them recognizable. Below are the features of the concept including the following:

  • This concept has an abstract nature, namely mental images of objects, activities and events.
    In general, this concept is a collection of different objects with some properties and properties.
  • Concepts are personal, so one’s understanding of something may be different from other people’s understanding.
  • This concept can be identified through the learning process and experience alone.

It is an explanation of the meaning of concepts, functions, features, elements and attributes. Hopefully, what has been said about this concept can be useful for you. Thanks a lot.