Top 8 Website To Pass your Boring Time

Hey Friends, Welcome to another article of, In this article, we gonna discuss some best and cool website to pass your boring time. These websites can help you to pass your boring time. When you getting bored or you have nothing to do so these websites can help you to pass your boring time.

website to pass your boring time

So Without Wasting your more time let’s get to the topic of the website to pass your boring time.

Here is the list of website to pass your boring time


We hope you know something about Alchemy. Otherwise, then don’t worry, it’s not complicated like rocket science. You simply have to mix arbitrary stuff to make arbitrary stuff.

Therefore, this web site deals with the simulation of alchemy. You may create everything with the combinations of water, air, fire and eath. In addition, you don’t have to worry about losing your alchemy achievements as once you load up the site again, all the alchemy materials that you’ve yet discovered so far will probably be there. Therefore, you can continue where you left off before. There are total 580 things to unlock, and we are not sure what you’ll get after you unlock all 580. But I’m telling you, it is hard and addictive. Sounds boring and stupid but addictive as hell!

2. Mental Floss 

mental floss

Do you love hidden secrets and conspiracy theories? Well then, you’ll love this. Its one of those trendy sites where one could read about hidden secrets of all the trending internet stories. It contains such details about every market from technology, fashion, business, sports, etc. So it is some spicy content for you whether you’re a nerd or a trendy football player. Read this daily, and you’ll have tonnes of topics as conversation starters.



This website is one of my favorite websites. Make your letters beat. This interesting link lets you play drum while typing letters. you can type your name and also listen to the drum as well as Go on and kill your boredom.

4.Crazy Card Trick

Play this magic game and feel OMG. The card tricks presented on this website are very interesting and let you pass time easily with a wow factor.

5.The Moth

There are many intriguing sites out there nevertheless this is the most fascinating. It hosts real-life stories told by people themselves. It also has podcasts, if that’s your thing.


Do you like comics? Well, you could have landed on many cool websites that host comics, however, this one is different. It retains satirical cartoons that are hilariously hilarious. Move on to this site and update your dictionary.


I think you probably know this one. But we’ll tell you anyways; Bored panda is among the coolest websites that host the most fascinating articles on the planet. No, not like BuzzFeed. Simply check it up, and you’ll know precisely what we are speaking about.

Final Words.

I hope this article is informative for you. I hope these websites help you to pass your boring time. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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