Top Google Tricks | That You Did Not Know

5 google tricks
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5 google tricks

Top Google Tricks

As you know that Google is the most popular search engine on the Internet. In today’s time, Google has become a special part of our life. If we have to search for anything then we ask directly to Google. Google gives us solutions to almost every problem. With its help, you can get information related to every subject. However, many do not know that this is not just a search engine but a complete package of entertainment. There are some hidden facts in Google that many of you may not know about. Here we are going to tell you about some similar facts.

1.Barrel roll

google barell roll

Go to Google’s homepage and type “Do a barrel roll” in the search box. You must enter it as you type it. and then see what happens

2. Flip a Coin Google Tricks.

google filp a coin

When you are playing a game, you will toss the toss to know who will get you the first bets and coins are needed to toss the toss. Now you will not need any coins because this will no longer be Google Trick. Learn how. type in google search box flip a coin.

3.Gravity Google

google gravity

Write Gravity Google on Google and click on I’m Feeling Lucky. After that you will see the full page of Google flying flyer. If you do not believe then do so.

4.Google Snake

google snake game

The Google Snack is a game that is usually played by everyone. Especially in childhood. So what’s the matter with Google Tricks, with the help of your childhood memories? Write Google Snake on Google and click on I’m Feeling Lucky and play games

5.Google Dinosaur Game

trex google game

I think lot’s people know about this trick. If your internet is not running and you are feeling bored, then this offline game can play without you even the Internet. Remember these games will only run when you are offline, that is when your internet is not running. When your internet is down and you are searching for anything in Google, you will see this error message – to be unable to connect Just then you can play this dinosaur game.

Google Doodle.

Have you heard about google doodle. I hope most of you guys already know about this google doodle thing and in case if you don’t know then allow me to explain.

So Basically, A Google Doodle is a special, temporary alteration of the logo on Google’s homepages that commemorate holidays, events, achievements, and people. Initially, Doodles were neither animated nor hyperlinked—they were simply images with hover-text describing the subject or expressing a holiday greeting. Now you know about what is google doodle.

Google Doodle has some incredibly amazing game and one more cool thing about google doodle games that can be played in your laptop and smartphone. If you worrying about internet speed Google Doodle game can run in 2g speed

Google doodle has some amazing games to pass your boring time. If you haven’t read our recent article about Top 8 Website To Pass your Boring Time

So Here are Some Best google doodle games that can be played anywhere anytime.

  1. Google’s Valentine’s Day 2017 doodle
  2. Fischinger
  3. Pac -Man.
  4.  Google’s Hip Hop doodle

Now you all know about tricks with Google. you can share with your friends and don’t forget to read our next article which is about how to google like a pro.

Final Words.

This is Top 5 google tricks. I hope you like this article if u find this article is informative for you then share with your friends.

So there are more articles like this on my website must check them out and if you have any question please comment down below.

Till then bye bye and keep smiling.

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