Bond of love saturday 27 february episode 184. – Soap Opera Aikatan Sinata always attracts the audience. The story line of Prem Bandhan should be followed so as not to miss the surprise that happens. Well, for all of you who are curious about the synonym of Prem Bandhan, this time the writer will give a leak about today’s Prem Bandhan Saturday 27th February Episode 184.

In this episode of 184 Love Bond, there will be many unexpected things, which will definitely make us more curious about the plot.

And the following is a summary of the bond of love on Saturday 27 February, 2021 episode 184. Please watch carefully so that you are all more curious.

Summary of Bonds of Love Episode 184, Today is Saturday, February 27, 2021

Randy’s arrest in the Nino attack case ends in jail. Randy came to an end while in prison. Knowing this, Al tried to come to the police station to meet Randy, but because he was still in the investigation phase, Al was not allowed to meet.

Al then went to the car hire owner, whose car was borrowed by Randy. Al tries to help the rental owner with information that he can make Randy free of charges.

However, it is certainly not easy as the car Randy has rented has been traced by the police and is exactly what Nino said.

Summary of love bonds

Prior to working with Al, Randy had already been given an explanation that it was his own responsibility when the task was captured by the party concerned. Randy was resigned for his negligence, so Randy inevitably had to take the risk.

On the other hand, Aldiberan would not have had a heart if Randy had to undergo a prison sentence, since Al is helped a lot by Randy, besides he is Al’s smartest personal assistant.

Nino, who reported the matter, also came to the police station to give information about the case of his attack. When he arrives at the police station and Nino sees that Randy is the culprit, he is shocked and shocked. Nino also wondered what it means to have Randy suddenly attack me.

Nino immediately goes to Randy and asks why Randy is aiming to attack him. Randy was confused, because if he was honest, Aldebaran’s name would be dragged, but if he lied, Nino would investigate the motive of Randy’s attack.

Randy dodged a little if it wasn’t him that did it.

Andin, curious about what is actually happening, is nervous and worried that Al will be dragged into the Nino attack case. Andin also tries to calm down and is sure that this is just a common misunderstanding.

As Sultan, Aldebaran would certainly not be silent, trying to free Al Randy, Al could have asked for Nino’s help to withdraw his demands, but Al, of high repute, would certainly not do so, Especially when Nino was keen, Nino would surely ask the motive for the attack.

On the other hand, in the leaked Prem Bandhan of Episode 184 on Saturday 27 February, Mama Sara was still restless and worried that Mato would do what she had ordered.

So far, with Mateo not yet informing Mama Sarah, Elsa also continues to ask about Motto if she is ready to give information that could free her from Nino’s stabbing case.

In jail Elsa feels depressed, as Angga and Mickey are still looking for evidence and investigating the case of Roy’s murder. Especially now that Anga and Mixi are working with a hacker who investigated who changed Roy’s email account.

Anga kept an eye on Elsa, Anga was convinced that Elsa was the culprit. However, Angga could not do anything as they had no firm evidence that Elsa was the one who entered Roy’s account and was also a suspect in Roy’s case.

Will Angga and Mickey’s efforts pay off, or will it be in vain?

Also, in today’s episode of episode 184 of Prem Bandhan, Saturday, February 27, 2021, Nina’s relationship with Elsa is still misleading, as Nino has not been able to forgive Elsa or her actions. For relationship problems, Nino asked for time to think.

Nino’s frustration and disbelief for Elsa angered Nino, but even though he was frustrated and angry, Nino went to Elsa and was gentle, as if there were no problems.

Elsa is certainly quite happy to see Nino who has changed for the better and more caring for herself. Will Nino want Elsa to leave later or will Nino divorce her and add to Elsa’s agony?

You must be curious about what will happen in the bond of Love Episode 184?

Okay, that soap opera Love Bond is a bit leaked of Saturday 27 February episode 184, hopefully with the leaking of this love bond, you will be more curious about the next story. Thank you.