LTMPT (Higher Education Entrance Examination Institution) During the registration period, the Ministry of Education and Culture has a fire problem in the dopodic, suggesting that many students have faced problems. You may still have problems registering for LTMPT. In this case, we will discuss a problem that is often encountered, namely the dapodic API issue. People experiencing dapodic API issues in LTMPT can view this article

There was a problem with the API Pusdatin Kemdikbud LTMPT

Kemdikbud Dapodic is in trouble

When you open the LTMPT website and it says “the system is still syncing”, you run into a Dapodik API problem. This problem is the most common problem that LTMPT applicants face.

For users trying to register SNMPTN via LTMPT, if you encounter this API problem, don’t worry too much. Because these problems occur frequently and can resolve over time.

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The reason LTMPT has problems with the Dapodik API

There must be a reason for the problems encountered while registering for SNMPTN in LTMPT. Then, what causes the Dapodik API LTMPT registration to appear on the site? The reason for the dapodic API in LTMPT is that many people have access to LTMPT. Because many people were gone and the servers were full, the Dapodic API was the issue. Therefore, if many people visit the LTMPT site, an error will occur and the word “System is still syncing” is displayed.

APP Dapodic Pusdatin Overcoming Solution

If you have API problems on the LTMPT website, you should not panic. To solve this problem, kemendicubd may try to visit the Pusadtin ep LTMPT website continuously. Keep trying until you have successfully completed registration and all the rules on the LTMPT website. To resolve the Dapodik API LTMPT, you can also visit the LTMPT site when the server is down. Visit the LTMPT website at midnight or morning. Since not many people visited the LTMPT website at that time, you can avoid this API problem. Regarding the Dapodic LTMPT API issue, we can only say this. We hope that you and other LTMPT fighters can benefit from what we say about the LTMPT fire problem. Source

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How to register LTMPT 2021 account so that there is no API problem in Pusdatin API of Ministry of Education and Culture

Pusadin Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture has a problem with fire - it is the solution

The right time for students and schools to register / register for LTMPT 2021 accounts so that there is no problem with API Pusdatin of Ministry of Education and Culture. It is time for students and schools to register for LTMPT 2021 accounts, so that there is no problem with Pusdatin Kemdikbud API-LTMPT 2021 for schools and student account registration is always accepted not only from my school, but also from many schools. Having Kemdikbud will cause problems for the Pusdatin API. This notice, therefore, I am here to share some suggestions made by the students in response to the above notification so that you can register for LTMPT account in 2021 without any problem.

When registering for an LTMPT 2021 account, schools and students often encounter obstacles: There are problems with the API Pusdatin Kemdikbud for schools, and API Dapodik Kemdikbud for students. Well, this is not a problem with your multi-user account at school, but a problem, because the system is overloaded in LTMPT and the reason is that many students and schools across Indonesia make a lot of visits. LTMPT 2021 is a Higher Education Entrance Examination College (LTMPT), an institution that conducts college entrance exams for prospective new students, organized by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia.

The only standard institution in Indonesia that conducts higher education exams, LTMPT is the first step for some prospective students and female students to achieve their goals. LTMPT positions itself as the best and most important university entrance exam management institute in Indonesia, and its specific objective is to conduct university entrance examinations that are reliable, fair, transparent, flexible, efficient and responsible.

Many people face problems during the registration process, so this is the perfect time to register for LTMPT 2021 accounts, including school and student accounts.

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This is The correct time / hour for LTMPT 2021 account registration

1. At 17.00 WIB

2. hours 19.00 WIB

3. Hours 24.00 WIB

4. Evening 1-4 hours

I took this survey because the students who registered during the discussion above me were able to successfully register on the LTMPT 2021 website So many articles introduce the right time for students / schools to register / register for LTMPT 2021 accounts, so that there is no problem with the Ministry of Education and Culture Pusadatin, hopefully it will be useful. Source