How to use telegram english bot English bot on telegram Which is similar to other bots. At the time of the pandemic that was still hitting Indonesia, there were many applications that pushed the concept of online learning topics. Where this application is especially for students who cannot take lessons directly or are not face to face. Because face-to-face education is closed, the purpose of this application is to facilitate learning.

A Telegram application that presents its name is an English bot, where this application helps students who have difficulty understanding and answering content from the science of English.

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Well, to know more fully, here is a review of How to Use English Bot on Telegram which you can find out.

What is Telegram English Bot,

Telegram English Bot itself is a bot application that makes it easy for students to understand the science of English. It is certainly very useful, apart from making learning easier, with this application every student is assisted with any current problem.

You can first install this application by knowing the name of this English bot. English bot is available in Telegram application, so if you already have a Telegram account, just search for its name and you can use it.

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How to use telegram english bot

Before you use this Telegram English bot, then it is a good idea to find out what the name of this bot is. The name of the English bot itself is Aspri_bot, you can search for this name through the search field found in the Telegram application.

This application is quite easy to use, the way you search the name of this bot in the search field. Then the screen column appears, then click Join, and you can give commands using the / sign followed by an existing command, for example / word dictionary. After that you can use it.

You can also know the content and the answers to the questions you want to know. This application is very easy and makes it easy for students who want to explore English in general.

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Last word

Well, this was a review on Telegram using an English bot that you can use. Good luck and hopefully helpful.

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