Being the best in some way can give you a feeling of satisfaction. Similarly in a game, when you succeed in winning you will get immense satisfaction. A shooting game and strategy of survival and being the last to survive takes pride in itself. Desirous Download Survival Squad App?

Survival Team One of the shooting games where you are competing to be the last in existence. The game requires players to shoot, shoot and stay alive during battle.

Around the Survival Team

Survival squad

Many people say that there should be an art in every game. In Survival Team This, the art that continues in the player’s skill to survive and fight against rivals and enemies who are in front of him.

The user will be placed on an island where there are different types of battlefields on the island. There were mountains, hills, marshes and rivers, then gas refueling stations, and many civilian houses.

Survival Team Application This requires users to specialize in the art of shooting, agility and strategy. Players can use different types of weapons and should be able to make good use of these weapons on the battlefield, you know. Want to know about this application? Come on, Download the Survival Team now Too!

As stated in the information above, if the game is a shooting game that follows the concept of playerconcluded battleground, which means that not every player in this game knows each other. And this is one of the exciting things.

Various Survival Team Features

After listening to some of the above interesting points, the user then asks what kind of features does this application have? The answer is in the explanation below. See explanation of some interesting features of Survival game application The squad includes:

HD resolution

The first is that the game has very good resolution. This is one of the reasons that the game is capable of more than 10 million active users. What a great number, right?

Details on the main character of the user are one of the prime donna for this feature. The combination of curves, fabrics, and lighting effects is one of the best resolutions a sport has ever made. In addition, details on weapons can also be said to be very good. This is evident from the effects of darkness and light on each weapon, and scratches or scratches on the weapon.

Apart from this, users can also see the battlefield processing done by the developer very well. The details on the bridge, then the details on the highway are made as real as possible, you know. Even if you examine it and compare it with similar games, the game is no less than its rivals.

The interface

Apart from the stunning HD resolution, the game is also supported by an elegant and simple interface, you know. Where exactly these two elements are very contradictory because something elegant is usually offset by something special.

This is exactly what users want, where users want a simple interface. Survival Team Mod game application It has several tabs on the main menu page, and all of them are very clear to the user.

It is a manifestation of the user’s desire for a simple yet attractive appearance.

Each tab of the main menu and sub menu is made as clear as possible, and information on various things on a tab is also filled in with a question mark icon. It is also not difficult for users to think about where the Start tab is, where the Bag or Inventory tab is, as it is all on the game’s Start Menu page.


After talking about the resolution and good interface, this application has time to talk about navigation. The gameplay of this application has a clear navigation display, especially on some of its tools.

Navigation for gestures is on the lower right of the screen if the screen is tilted, for weapons it is at the bottom, and for analog it is on the left side of the screen. These are all settings made by application developers so that users only focus on the game.

How to play survival squad


In relation to many things, there is also a simple way of playing in this game. First, when entering the battlefield, the user is placed on a plane with other players. Users can prepare themselves and determine at which point to jump from the plane.

If the user has jumped from the top of the plane, the user will hover and in this case the user will be expected to determine the position where to land by providing a point on the map. The user can then direct the character to the landing position, then open the parachute if it is felt that it has approached the landing area.

Make sure your landing position is in a heavily armed area. Users can choose to use any weapon, and ensure that the user is skilled in using these weapons. The user can then go around to find enemies, of course with tactics so that the enemy does not know.

In the event of a shootout, users can take advantage of trees and buildings for their safety. Users can also squat and lie down so that the enemy cannot detect their footsteps.

The user can then shoot if he has the opportunity and the enemy is off guard. Be sure to shoot at the target. Try to shoot on the head so that the enemy dies quickly and the user can be the last to do the same to other enemies and survive.

Survival Squad user reviews

Some fans of the same genre of games say that this game is the only game that has the easiest navigation among other similar games. If other games have navigation that is quite complicated and confusing, then Sports Survival Team it’s not like that.

One user said that every game that is done always gets its pride. Yes, this game is capable of being the best in a fight. The user said that he was gossamous about the look Details of Existing on the map, especially on green trees and roadways that are drawn as close to the origin as possible.

In addition, the user also states that in this game he feels that he is actually in a war zone. how so? Because the gunshot caused by each weapon is different and it really affects the user, you know.

There are also users who say that they are awarded if they are successful in winning the final and remaining to win the fight. There is something that cannot be described in words.

Steps to download and install

Survival Teamdownload
Recommended ToolsAndroid 5.0
Number of downloadsMore than 150 million cal

Download apk file v1.0.27

Download data file v1.0.27

As stated above, users are expected to use an Android device with Android 5.0 as the recommended device. This is the main requirement so that users do not feel lag or break due to insufficient FP.

Users can download this game at the link given above, provided that the internet connection is stable. In addition, the user is required to turn on the Unknown Source feature Game Survival Team v1.0.27 Modern APK Can be played on the user’s Android device.

Once the game is downloaded, users can immediately search for it and click on it to complete the installation process. Click on install then wait a few minutes until the process of installing this application is complete. When this is finished the user can play this game directly.

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