Postcard size is one of the requirements when sending job applications, portfolios, or sending letters without an envelope. This size usually has a certain standard in each country. For example, the size in Indonesia is different from the size in America.

However, this postcard or postcard has various types. Usually this size is widely used for the purposes of printing photos or invitations so that all photos or invitations that are printed are uniform in size.

Standard Postcard Size

There are many postcard sizes even though there is only one standard size used in Indonesia and several countries in the world. These standard sizes will help you create a photo or postcard that fits your needs.

The standard size currently used is 4 x 6 inches or 8.9 x 12.7 cm. This postcard size is often used for standard postcards which are widely used to send messages or send contest or prize draw requirements.

In the world of design, the 4 x 6 inch size is also often known as the 3R size. If you often print photos, you must be quite familiar with the widely used 3R size. This size fits perfectly into an album or frame.

Postcard Size Variety

Other postcard sizes that are often used start from 2R, 4R, 5R, until the largest is the 24R size. The 3Rs are the standard size although others are still used frequently.

Meanwhile, another size used internationally is A6 with a size of about 148 x 105 mm. This measure is widely used today and several countries such as America make it a benchmark.

If you want to make a postcard, it is recommended to use the sizes above to match the others. So, it won’t be too big or too small because it is very distracting.

Tips for Making Postcard Photos

If you want to make a postcard for the needs of applying for work or other professional jobs, it’s a good idea to pay attention to some of the tips below.

1. If Using Self Photo

There are many postcards made with photos of yourself according to your requests or needs. Sometimes there is a request to use a formal photo with a half body looking up. In addition there are visible all over the body.

By paying attention to the size requested, you won’t go wrong sending a photo in the form of a postcard. In addition, also use standard photo paper which is thick enough and printed with quality ink.

2. When Using Scenes

Scenery photos can be used for standard postcards or they can be used for portfolios. Your job is to prepare a photo with a landscape shape and display attractive colors.

Objects also have focus so they look attractive when viewed. Finally, try to print with standard photo paper or other paper that is heavier.

3. If Using Other Objects

If using other objects, make sure to use a good resolution image. The focus is in the center of the photo so that when the edges are bent, the postcard still looks great.

This is the postcard size that is often used to print postcards, photos, and flyers for promotional and branding needs. Each type has its own specifications so you can use it according to your needs.

Printing postcards is actually easy. It’s just that, you are advised to use paper that is already cut. Unless you have a cutting tool, you can use any size paper and cut them neatly before using.