How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Your Android Phone.

multiple accounts in android
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How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts In one Android Device

Hey, What’sup guys. welcome back to In my previous article which I talked about how you can set your WhatsApp or Instagram DP without cropping. after this article, some people asking me is there any way to use multi WhatsApp account or Instagram, Facebook account in same Android Device.Yes, there is way to use multi Social account in one Android device. So in this article, I am going to clear your all doubts about multi social accounts How to run or how to use. what methods will be used..? to run How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts.

Let’s Begin with the topic.


10whatsapp account -bctechy

So let’s begin with the topic How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts. As you know all people are aware of that WhatsApp is mostly and commonly used for instant messaging. because it has a simple interface in android and ios for both platforms and also this is the only one reason for mostly and commonly instant use messaging app. Now times every one used for instant messaging and it should be WhatsApp. So let’s begin how to use multi WhatsApp account in one Android device.

Let me clear your doubts before starting the topic.

  • How many Whatsapp account you want to use and also you have the different number to use each WhatsApp.
  • you don’t have to root your Android device.
  • you must download original WhatsApp from play store.
  • It’s not confirmed that’s the other WhatsApp are secure or not but I used many times so I don’t think so is there any problems in other WhatsApp
  • you can use 10 WhatsApp account in one Android device.

All Whatsapp Apk download link.

  1. original Whatsapp
  2. GB Whatsapp
  3. OG WhatsApp
  4. Whatsapp plus
  5. parallel space
  6. Go Multiple
  7. super clone

1.Original Whatsapp.

whatasapp offical

This is original WhatsApp you can download this WhatsApp from Google play store. You can easily find this app from play store and this app is the one app downloaded the most. you can count WhatsApp user in billions because WhatsApp is mostly using the instant messaging app.

2. GB Whatsapp.

gb whatsapp apk download-bctechy

GB WhatsApp is the another this Whatsapp allows you to change your WhatsApp colors and also you can change themes in this WhatsApp and the most important part you can fully customize this app according to your taste.there is more reason to use GBWhatsApp. To download this app you have to download an app from link given below after that there is a link to download the GBwhatsapp. So we finish with one method now the second method ….How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Download the GBwhatsapp APK

3.OG WhatsApp.

og whatsapp-bctechy

OG WhatsApp is another way to use other Whatsapp account in android. this app provides you the same feature of WhatsApp you can also use this app for video calling or audio calling.

    Download OG WhatsApp APK

4.Whatsapp plus.

whatsapp plus-bctechy

you heard about this app on XDA. because WhatsApp PLUS Holo is an app developed by XDA Developers. This app provides the same feature of WhatsApp like video and audio calling.

Download Whatsapp plus APK

5. Parallel Space.

parallel space

Parallel Space is like Xerox machine this app provides the same app in a different space. and with the help of this apps, You can use WhatsApp and also you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more social account. You can easily find this app on play store.

Download Parallel Space

6. Go Multiple.

go multiple-bctechy

Go Multiple app works same as Parallel space. you can also use this app For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more social account.This app is also available on play store.

Download Go Multiple

7.Super clone.

super clone apk-bctechy

Super clone app is same as parallel space and Go Multiple apps. this app also provide you xerox of another app

Download Super Clone


Final Words:

you can use many WhatsApp as you can with this trick. some apps are used for WhatsApp and with help of other three apps, You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other accounts as well as. If u Find this article is informative So please share with your friends and for more article visit our site. Till then bye bye and keep smiling.

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