How To Root Any Android Device Without PC

root your android without pc
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Easily Root any Android without PC/laptop in Two Minutes

rooting any android

Hey Guys, In this article I am going tell you how you can easily root your Android device without having PC/Laptop. After buying any Android device. For getting the max out from your device. You have to root. After rooting your android device you can do various things. like boost your android phone or remove pre-installed apps and also you can increase your internal storage and there are more things which you can do with the help of root. All advantages and disadvantages of the root are mentions in this post.But before rooting your Android device you have to learn about root and unroot.

What is Rooting?

As you know root is the part of a plant which attaches(stick) it to the ground or to a support.

The same thing applies to the Android device when you root your android device it means you can access Android operating system. So you can install unapproved apps, deleted unwanted bloatware, update the OS, replace the firmware, overclock (or underclock) the processor, customize anything and you can improve your device performance and much more.

As you know every thing has two faces like advantages and disadvantages. The same thing applies for root. To root any android device you must know advantages and disadvantages of rooting. Because a little mistake can ruin your Android device permanently. to avoid any kind of risk you must read properly

root without pc

root android without pc

how to root any android device

Advantages of Root? Or Top Reason to root the android device.

1) Unsupported apps.

There are lot’s of best and amazing apps are available for the smartphone. Which apps need to root access to use that particular app and also you can install some important tools for your android.

2) Boost your android device Performance.

The most reason to root your android is that boost your Android device performance. there are lot’s of apps are available for boosting your android device performance. If u have a better performance in your android device it means this is better for your device battery life

3)Block annoying Ads in any android app.

So friends, As you know all apps and games have some kind of popup ad or banner ad which ad is so annoying. The app developer has used this ad because this is best and easy way to earn money. With the help of root, You can also block ads with lucky patcher app. There is lot’s app is available on the market to block or remove ads.

4) Remove Pre-installed apps.

Most people have not much space in internal storage. This is why people root his android device. In nowadays there lot’s of apps are unwanted and unused who carry the storage usage like

google play movies,books, drive, unwanted apps and games

without rooting you can not remove pre-installed apps from any Android device. after rooting your android device you will be able to remove pre-installed apps.

5) Android OS Update.

After rooting your android device you can flash any custom ROM for your Android device there are lot’s of custom ROM is available on XDA and google search and flash it.which means you can update your android device without OTA update.

Disadvantages of Rooting android phones.

As you know everything comes with two faces. so same here rooting for your phone have some disadvantages.

All are rooting android phones disadvantages are here.

  1. The first thing is thing rooting your android phone is illegal.
  2. As I mention in the previous post rooting your android may cause your android phone life. in the rooting process, your phone might get bricked and it will never on (this situation called hard brick)
  3. It will void your mobile warranty.
  4. After rooting your phone you can not get the latest update from your phone company because any phone company does not provide any latest update for the rooted device. but one thing is sure that you can get latest or custom update from XDA website. so this is the biggest advantages of your android phone.

Now you know about what is root and what is advanatge or disadvanage of rooting your android phone.

Before rooting your android phone.

  • Backup all contacts and data
  • All pictures and songs as well as
  • Make sure your phone battery at least 50% battery present for rooting any android phone.

The method for rooting the android phone without pc.

All method is tested by myself in this post.

1) Kingroot

rooting nay android phone

I prefer to use this app because this app is very easy to understand and there is no option of hard-brick or any kind of soft-brick you must read the upper post before rooting your device. with this app, you can root almost 70% android phone.because this is the best app for rooting any android device without a computer.

Download kingroot app from download link below.

after downloading install this app and click on the green button the rooting process start and your android device automatically restart serval times and Boom your Device is root.

framaroot android without pc

This is the best app for rooting your android phone without a computer. this app is simple and easy to use because this app provides you three option click on any option and done. but this app is not supported for every Android device.



towelroot for root

Towelroot is another best app for root your android phone without pc this app is easy to use and fast and secure to rooting any android device.this app is fully tested and secure if u don’t have pc or computer with this app you can easy to root your phone without a computer




This also good and best working app to root without pc or computer. this app is available for both of platforms you can use an Android device and as well as your pc or computer for rooting your android phone.



after rooting your android phone how you know that your phone is rooted or not so this is important part to check your phone is rooted or not rooted with this app download link below or you can easily find in google play store as you now there are lot’s of apps are available to check your phone is rooted or not.

checking for root or non root

  • First download the app link is given below
  • Now open & click on the check button
  • Its ask to permission then grant the permission
  • If green color shows it means your phone is rooted or if red color shows it means your phone is not root




how to root any android device. please note that perform any tasks in your risks. and thanks for visiting my website and if u think this post is informative for you to don’t forget to share your friends and once again thank you for visiting my website. till then bye bye and always smile

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