February 28, 2021

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Recommendations for playing good laptop games

How can you choose a good laptop? Are there any specific suggestions and criteria for choosing a decent laptop for smooth gaming without lag?

This may be a question for gamers who want to play the game on a gaming laptop. Currently, the trend of gaming has changed to some extent that gamers used to manufacture PCs for gaming, but now we have another option which is to use a laptop.

Especially now that many big brands continue to innovate to release gaming laptop products with prices between 10 million and Sultan class.

On this occasion, Technocryst shared tips and guidelines on how to choose a good laptop to play, as well as some recommendations for the best gaming laptop to choose from.

Features of a good laptop for gaming

1. Intel Core i5 and later processors
Good processor for playing gaming laptop games

The processor is the most important component that determines the overall performance of a gaming laptop. To be able to play heavy games, at least the laptop we had already selected uses an Intel Core i5 processor or higher. If you are a fan of AMD, you can go for AMD Ryzen 5 processor and above.

The more up-to-date and higher processors are used, the better. For example, there are plenty of gaming laptops currently using the 9th generation Intel Core i9 processor, which is guaranteed to be powerful enough to play all the heavy-duty games available without delay.

However, when choosing a processor, it also depends on your budget. If the budget is not very large, you can at least choose Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7. There are currently various cheap gaming laptops that already use Intel Core i5 and i7 processors that can play heavy games without lag. Read the recommendations here:

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You have to be very careful while choosing this processor as it cannot be upgraded. So the decision in favor of the processor is the final decision. Unlike other components such as RAM or expandable hard drives, processors on laptops are usually not upgradable. So choose one that can be used long term and according to your current needs.
2. Graphics Card (VGA)
VGA works great for playing laptop games

The second part that needs attention after choosing the processor is a graphics card, or better we call it VGA. These components have a large impact on the quality and clarity of the images produced when played. Most of the games are also very VGA based. So if you use a good VGA, it will have a big impact on the performance of your gaming laptop in the future.

Currently Nvidia and AMD are two very competitive brands in the graphics card market. For heavy games, we can rely on the AMD R7 processor or the AMD Radeon 560X series. For NVidia, you can choose the NVidia Geforce GTX 1070 series that can be played in 4K resolution.

But the average laptop that uses a high VGA is also quite expensive, averaging over 20 million. For beginners, perhaps you can choose the NVidia Geforce GTX 1050, which is cheaply priced. The average VGA laptop is in the price range of 10 to 14 million.
3. Choose a screen size that matches Full HD resolution
Good screen for gaming laptop

The features of a good gaming laptop also lie in the screen dimensions and the highest resolution it can display. Currently, all games support viewing images with Full HD resolution (1080p). Therefore, this resolution becomes a benchmark in choosing gaming laptops.

Try to design the gaming laptop of your choice to support full HD resolution so that the image quality displayed is clear and the satisfaction of playing the game is even greater. Do not choose a gaming laptop with a resolution lower than 1080p (1920 × 1080).

In addition to paying attention to resolution, the screen size or dimensions must also be carefully selected. Currently most gaming laptops have a screen size of 15.6 inches, a size that fits the eye very well. However, if you like to play on the big screen, you can choose a size 17 or 18 inches.

But remember, the larger the screen, the heavier the laptop. Keep this in mind if the laptop is also used for school or college purposes.

Factors that are no less important than the performance performance of gaming laptops are refresh rate and synchronization with the graphics card. They

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