How To Rank YouTube Videos Step By Step (Full Ranking Guide)

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How to Rank YouTube Videos, Video Ranking Guide(youtube SEO).youtube seo

Hey, What’s up guys welcome back to This article is very interesting for those who are YouTubers. This is my second article for Youtubers. So in this article, I am going to discuss some ranking factors to rank your youtube video. For beginner YouTubers is very hard to rank his any video and getting views. If you follow my all steps you will able to easily rank youtube videos. So pay attention and read and follow all steps to ranking your youtube videos. There are lots of points that you can’t ignore if you want to rank youtube videos.

Basic Needs for Rank YouTube Video(Youtube SEO):

Blog On same niche (You can use more than 1 Blog to share Embedded Video ):

Make a blog about your youtube channel and embedded the video on your blog. You can make a free blog using To make a blogger just go to the and sign in with your Gmail.

A YouTube Channel as same as blog (Set Channel Keywords First):

You must use your youtube channel as same as your blog eg: my channel name is Know More Tech than you must use the same name on your blog so my blog will be

Social Sites like(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon):

This is a very important part to rank your youtube videos or getting views without any effort. Share your youtube videos to who need your videos. eg: if you have a  youtube video related to getting free subscribers so share your youtube video on Facebook group related to youtube SEO or Youtuber group.

10000 viewers for Startup ( Most wanted):

According to new youtube policy. you must have 10,000 views on your youtube channel to earn money with youtube.

Good Seo Tags:

Good SEO tags are played very import role to rank any youtube video

Thumbnail (You can create Online and should be attractive ):

If you have attractive thumbnail then it’s easy to rank your youtube video. you can make thumbnail online in pixilr editor or you can make offline using adobe photoshop

Video Quality (HD):

If your youtube video in HD then youtube suggest your video in recommendation and also in search result so make sure your video has good video quality to rank your youtube videos

Video length (Do not make boring video and make it attest 5 minutes long)

Make the short video as you can and straight to the point according to your topic. Maintain Watch time because watch time is important to rank youtube videos(youtube SEO)

Before Uploading and After Editing:

Video Name should be Your Title (Change the name of the video, of course, your title).

Add Tags in Video title (Right Click and Edit).

Video Name,

Then Upload.

After Upload a YouTube Video:

Good Title: (Video title)

The video title is must need for Video ranking, Use your keyword at least once in Title.

Youtube SEO Tags: Keywords

Long tail and main keywords, the ratio should be 40% Longtail 60% main keywords.

Youtube Video Description:

Search the main keyword on Google and copy 2nd articles first two paragraph.

Use Social Links like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, etc. in Description Add Your Blog/Website link once In Description. Use Subscribers Link Once to grow Your Subscribers.

How to write YouTube Video description:

First: Use your Main keyword

The second: Post Copied Article. (4-10 lines) (Nobody is here to read all these stuff so don’t make it lengthy)

Third: Subscriber link of your channel

At last: Social links

Last thing (Say Thanks to viewers) (It’s Effective)

Some Useful tips for better result:

For SEO Use Tuberankjeet 2 (Better than Tuberankjeet 3).

Use HD Resolution Video for Uploading.

Upload a Nice and attractive thumbnail with Alt Tags; It will help you for better ranking.

Use Subtitle (Use your Main keyword in Subtitles when needed).

Final Words:

I hope this article is informative for you. If you find this article is informative then don’t forget to share with your friends and there are more article coming about these topics so stay tuned.

Till then bye bye and keep smiling 🙂

Thanks For Visiting 🙂

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