Battlegrounds Mobile India latest update – PUBG Mobile India Download Link, launch date: Players in India for a long time PUBG Mobile India Waiting for release. Although no release date of the game has been revealed yet, a recent leak has revealed that the game Battlegrounds Mobile India Can be issued in the name of.

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India, a special version of PUBG Mobile, was announced for Indian players.
  • The official Facebook page of PUBG Mobile India has been renamed to Battlegrounds Mobile India with YouTube URL.
  • A new video of Battlegrounds Mobile India can be released in a few days.
  • Four trailers about the game were uploaded to the game’s official YouTube channel.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology banned the global version of PUBG Mobile in September 2020, citing security concerns.

How to Download PUBG Mobile 1.4 global beta version

For Indian players in November 2020 PUBG Mobile A special version of was announced. Since then, the community has heard and witnessed many rumors about its release.

Battlegrounds Mobile India latest update: PUBG Mobile India Download Link, launch date

The recent leak of PUBG Mobile India remains a topic of discussion among fans in India. The game’s official YouTube handle uploaded four trailers about the upcoming game, however, they were soon removed from YouTube.

Players do not need to be concerned about this, as the trailers were the ones that were uploaded back in November 2020. This included Dynamo, Jonathan and Croton, who were famous PUBG Mobile Are the players.

Is PUBG Mobile India available for download

Dynamo also mentioned in a video that PUBG Mobile India Will be released on a single-digit date and the game’s trailer will be released on a double-digit date.

A recent post by Gemwire stated that PUBG Mobile India Can be renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India. According to the post, a new video may be released in a few days.

PUBG Mobile India removed them after uploading the trailer on their YouTube channel

Apart from this, the username of the official Facebook page of PUBG Mobile India is also with YouTube URL Battlegrounds Mobile India Has been changed to.

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