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My TechzBin Privacy Policy

On this Blog, every and each content is related to “TechzBin”. If you visit our Blog and want to learn something from here then you must have to follow blog rules, If not then you will be blocked by admin “Sumit Pal”  Because they have full right to take immediate action.

What type of information shared to this blog?

  • All information related to Tutorials with detailed instructions and pictures.
  • All type of tech tutorials. 
  • All type of useful information like Tech Support, News, Software and online earnings, How to tutorials.
  • Some off topics also like latest gadgets reviews etc.
  • We provide some youtube videos from my own channel.
  • Latest Brave Tech Tutorial.

Actually, we want to provide mixed information for all blog visitors in one place

What we can do for you?

We are here because of your interests in reading blogs our first motto is to keep all visitors happy. If they need any help from us then they can personally contact us By filling the contact form. Or they can comment on the certain post where they need any help.


  • You can’t post any abusing words in a comment.
  • Don’t  spam everywhere if you need help we are always here to help you.
  • You can’t share any third party link.

These are some basic restrictions you have to follow.

Change in privacy policy:

We can modify this site’s privacy policy. If any change happens then it will be notified on the homepage.

Terms And Condition

we hope that you will follow this blog’s privacy policy properly.