Online Typing Jobs ($11- $33/hour)

A position that involves typing into a computer is known as an online typing job. This might involve typing up documents, transcribing audio files, or even making spreadsheets. These are much of the time online undertakings, so as long as you have a web association, you might accomplish them from any place in the globe.

Would you like to telecommute and make some extra money? If so, finding work typing online can be the best option for you! You can work on them full-time or as a side hustle.

We’ll talk about what online typing jobs are in this post and how much money you may make doing them. We will also discuss the many types of typing jobs that are available as well as where to look for them. Thus, if you’re interested in earning additional money while relaxing at your house, keep reading.

Different Types Of Typing Jobs

1. Editors and Proofreaders

Do you possess keen vision? So perhaps you should apply for this typing job. Proofreaders collaborate with a range of experts to refine their written work. They do fact-checking, enhance readability, and check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word choice. Many editors have degrees in journalism or English, but some enter the business through internships and on-the-job training, while others are self-taught or have natural talent. Editors must have great communication and typing abilities.

2. Freelance Writer

While considering typing jobs, you might not have considered being a freelance writer, but it’s the greatest and comes in first on our list! There are many websites, and they require a steady stream of information. You can help here, of course!

You don’t need experience or a fancy degree to work as a freelance writer, but you will need to pay attention to detail, have impeccable grammar, and be open to receiving feedback in order to improve.

You’ll probably start off making much less than that and gradually work your way up. Your earning potential may be significantly increased by utilizing authoring tools like Jasper and Surfer SEO!

3. Transcription

Transcribing audio into text documents, transcriptionists listen to the audio while they work. The audio might be taken from conversations, recordings, or notes. You can encounter poor-quality audio files while working as a transcriptionist. Also, clients could request that you translate a handwritten message or PDF. Fast and accurate typing is a highly appreciated ability that may increase your income as a transcriptionist.

Edited, verbatim, intelligent, and phonetic transcription services are the four main categories that clients often want. If you wish to type for a certain industry, such as legal or medical transcription, you might require further training and qualifications.

4. Community Moderator

This remote typing job could be your calling if you appreciate reading user-generated articles and comments. Employing community moderators to monitor users and their material is a common practice for businesses that employ blogs, social media platforms, and online forums. Moderators respond to queries from users and assist make sure that the rules and conditions of engagement are being followed. Bloggers, gaming sites, search engines, dating sites, social networking sites, and review websites are among the businesses that frequently employ moderators.

5. Bookkeeping

Perhaps you’re seeking a bit something different from the average internet typist? Did you know that keeping track of a company’s financial records might earn you $20 per hour as a bookkeeper?

A few of the bookkeeper’s responsibilities include reconciling accounts, depositing receipts, managing payroll, delivering monthly or quarterly reports, and preparing the annual books for the accountant.

Sounds challenging? Actually, it’s not! You will get all the necessary paperwork from the company you work for.

6. Online chat Jobs

To enhance customer support and increase sales, several companies use online chat on their websites. Specialists in chat support provide answers to queries, technical assistance, and sales support. Being amiable, patient, and having great communication skills are some of the most in-demand soft skills for these professions because they are customer-facing.

As a chat support agent, you normally join the online chat by logging in using an app or website. Chat support professionals are in demand by businesses across all sectors, making it a popular work-from-home position.

You might require instruction on the program or product of your new customer before you can begin working as a chat support professional. Further training and certifications may be necessary for technical support chat positions.

7. Finish Micro Jobs

There are several websites where you may complete tasks like data entry, translation, transcription, market research, internet surveys, search engine rating, and more. These independent contracting jobs often have lesser compensation, but they may be a great way to supplement your income when you have free time.


The income details are as follows:

Typing WorkAverage PaymentDaily workEarnings daily
Form Filling$1 – $21-4Hours$2 -$5
Content WritingRs. 0.202000-5000 Words$6 -$14
Online Chat JobsRs. 10 – Rs.1530 Pages$5 – $8
Data Entry WorkRs. 50 – Rs.200 hourly4-5 Hours$3 – $15
Community ModeratorRs. 0.75 per word1K-2K Words$10 – $20
Audio To TextRs. 150 – Rs.300 / Hour3-4 Hours$7 – $13
TranscriptionRs. 100 – Rs.200 for one Page10 Pages$15 – $30
Proof-ReadingRs. 200 – Rs.500 / Hour2-3 Hours$6 – $22

Websites To Apply For Typing Jobs

Here’s a list of the best websites available for online typing jobs.

1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is one of the most mind-blowing spots to figure out full-opportunity telecommute occupations in any field, including composing. The site offers independent, adaptable, and remote positions that have all been painstakingly screened to create sure they’re authentic open doors. Regularly, businesses are searching for those with somewhere around three years of administrative experience and additional important certifications.

FlexJobs is a paid site that charges $14.99 each month. Be that as it may, you can peruse the work postings for nothing — you can’t see the application subtleties. So your smartest option is to investigate the site and possibly join assuming you track down open doors that sound a solid match, really.

2. is one of the top sites overall for securing web-based composing positions. The company has in excess of 900 unmistakable work classes accessible for expected representatives to pick from. More than 30 million freelancers are currently registered on this website.

A client posts their work, complete with all the necessary details, on the website. The customer solicits bids from freelancers and hires anyone they believe to be the best. After the task is finished, the customer carefully considers the type of work, and the installment is taken care of.

The most well-known payment methods on this platform include Global Wire, Payoneer, Skrill, and PayPal.

3. Upwork

Upwork is the biggest and most regarded independent commercial center. You’ll secure a great many positions on the site, with new postings added at regular intervals.

Competition for work can be furious, and handling your most memorable gig can be hard.

One of the drawbacks to Upwork is that new freelancers frequently need to undervalue their administrations essentially. Clients are substantially less liable to recruit you when you have no input on the site, so you might have to value yourself forcefully to get two or three tasks added to your repertoire.

When you do, you’ll observe that the site is loaded with real work and an extraordinary spot to bring in cash.

4. Scribie

Scribie is one of the top internet composing positions accessible to those looking for elective income streams. The task entails carefully listening to a preset collection of sound recordings and verbatim interpreting them. To guarantee the beneficial open doors they provide, you should finish a certificate cycle as part of this stage.

The papers are brief, ranging in length from one second to ten minutes. For each sound and hour, you may anticipate earning between USD 5 and USD 25. Also, a significant portion of your writing time is saved by the website’s free robotized record option. Also, you receive a $5 incentive on a constant basis for every task you successfully complete.

5. Fiverr

Like Upwork, Fiverr is a commercial center that interfaces freelancers and clients. Yet, there are several significant contrasts between the two locales.

On Upwork, clients post occupations and hang tight for recommendations. In any case, on Fiverr, it’s the reverse way around — freelancers make “gigs” with set costs and conveyance times, which clients can then “request” on request. At the point when a client submits a request, they’ll pay, transfer their reports and directions, and hang tight for the conveyance of their work — you may not actually relate with them during the interaction.

This model enjoys a few benefits and a few weaknesses. On one hand, it’s simpler to get work when you have negligible experience since you don’t have to create a modified pitch for every client — you simply need one successful gig posting.

6. Rev

Rev is another reliable website for a straightforward online writing job where you may make money by paying close attention to the client’s needs. This company offers a variety of record management services, such as translating, subtitling, and unfamiliar captioning.

You may be paid by translating sound files that are directly sent to you or by creating subtitles for YouTube videos. Dealing with this stage is one of the most incredible approaches forward if you are fluent in English and can type swiftly.

Also, a lot of open doors enroll here every day. Regardless of whether the album is your favorite, you might choose to subtitle short recordings or any other comparable task that fits your skill set. You can choose to fill out as much or as little as necessary.

7. Indeed

Direct a fast pursuit hands webpage in the vicinity of Indeed and you’ll view various (and frequently notable) companies extending to work-at-home employment opportunities for jobs like web-based information section representatives.

These come and go rapidly, so setting up a caution on the site is ideal. Along these lines, you’ll receive an email any time a new position posting that matches your rules goes live.

Indeed is the biggest place of work on the planet, and that implies that postings are not really reviewed. Prior to applying to a task you track down on the site, try to take care of any outstanding concerns: research the company on LinkedIn, read through the reviews from ebb and flow and previous representatives on Glassdoor, and search Twitter to see what individuals are talking about the association.

8. 2Captcha

One of the easiest online writing opportunities you may get is the manual human test. A fantastic platform called 2Captcha pays users to do a manual human test. The compensation, however, is only a one-time payment and is best thought of as extra spending money.

This stage greatly simplifies the process. Just create and review your record. After finished, you may start working on your project, and the framework will display a number of images with text. The displayed text in the provided textbox must be typed. All there is to it is that!

Why Should You Look for Online Typing Jobs?

Internet typing jobs have become a viable source of revenue. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make money from home with little to no commitment. There are several benefits to choosing online typing jobs. Let’s talk about them.

Get Extra Revenue

A single source of income can frequently make it difficult for you to reach your financial objectives quickly. Such objectives become more difficult to achieve. But, there are a variety of methods to cope with this, with online typing jobs being the most well-known. These positions are well-paying and provide a lot of flexibility.

Work whenever it suits you

The usage of the internet has caused many changes around the globe. It truly serves the interests of humanity. Online income has incredible potential. Internet typing jobs are a practical method to earn a living. The ability to work from any place is what I find most remarkable about this employment. Your job truly goes everywhere you go. Even a nearby park is a convenient place to work from.

No upper earning limit

There is absolutely no cap on the amount of money you may type online. Your degree of effort and income are correlated. Simply said, you make more if you put more time and effort into it.

Little Investment

Online typing jobs don’t need a lot of money invested in them or special training to do. You can work the job and type online to get money if you are proficient in the language and can type clearly and neatly. In today’s digital environment, users often have access to a functioning PC or desktop, a reliable internet connection, and a smartphone, which are the minimal expenditures needed.

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