Online Data Entry Jobs ($13- $42/hour)

Data entry jobs entail inputting data into various computer databases using different data processing software. A data entry job is a fantastic alternative to think about if you have the skills such as record keeping, accuracy, and meeting deadlines. Data entry is becoming a must for practically all businesses in order to transcribe data, such as inputting sales data into spreadsheets. It is considerably easier to perform data entry work on numerous schedules, including part-time, full-time, or freelance.

Online data entry is the process of gathering information from the internet and organizing it in a way that makes it accessible and storable online. It consists of several procedures that are used to gather pertinent material online and arrange it in an organized way, including data entry, data extraction, data mining, typing, and web research.

Types Of Data Entry Jobs

1. Data Cleaning

A candidate for entry-level data entry may also work on “data scrubbing,” or cleaning up data. But, there aren’t any mops or buckets needed! The term “data cleaning” refers to the process of locating, eliminating, or updating inaccurate data from information included in a database or table.

Consider compiling five-star client ratings, but one of them is strange and is reported as an abnormally larger number. In that instance, you would either need to review the system and fix the mistake or, if it is impossible to verify the data, erase it entirely.

2. Micro Data Entry

Microdata entry is a relatively recent field that fills the manpower vacuum created by businesses’ requirement for smaller-scale work that is frequently rapid but has to be done repeatedly.

Solving the Captcha problem (or, more frequently, hundreds per day!) and aligning sliding grids or related pictures are required for Captcha entrance.
Copy and paste functions include taking data from one format and putting it into another; yet, error-free copy and paste require fluent English.
In the media, captioning serves as a link between data entry and content creation. Writing captions, alternative text for images or headlines for visuals that will be published online is part of the job.

3. Data reformatting and formatting

Data input still falls under the category of data formatting, which is more about changing the data than entering it.

Whichever level of complexity or simplicity you like, formatting options include:

  • Alignments, indents, and typefaces should all be changed.
  • Formatting phone numbers, email addresses, or address fields.
  • Detecting spelling errors and grammatical errors.

Your data entry professional may operate on extensive data grids, frequently formatting whole pages or catalogs of data at once.

4. Handle transcription data

Finally, we’ll discuss transcribing, a data input technique typically employed in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. As a superb transcriptionist must be able to understand sophisticated medical vocabulary, the job typically calls for shorthand, and there is no room for error, it may be one of the most advanced.

To compile a consultation, procedure, or observation record, a medical transcriptionist will transform audio files into text records.

Medical coding goes a step further and entails collecting sensitive data and giving each component the proper codes.

For each method, service, department, or diagnostic, there can, for instance, be a system code structured in an alphanumerical manner.

These jobs require the highest level of data entry expertise. The majority of experienced medical coders and transcriptionists have years of experience!

5. Typist

The typewriter position sometimes referred to as a word processor, is somewhat more technical. You will type letters, postal labels, graphs, charts, and reports as a typist. For this kind of data entry work, the majority of firms provide training.

These jobs included offline data input. But, given that the internet and modern technologies rule our world, the majority of data entry jobs have moved from offline to online. As the work is primarily about speed and accuracy and getting those numbers ready for analysis, you won’t often need to know anything about formulae or technical procedures to be a data entry typist.

Websites For Best Online Data Entry Jobs

1. Fiverr

The finest website for freelancers to find data entry jobs online is Fiverr. Fiverr is the finest place for you if you’re interested in developing a career in data entry.

You must first register for a free account on Fiverr and include information about your credentials, experiences, talents, and area of specialization in data entry operators. All of the information should be accurate because it will determine whether you receive a job.

In order for employers and companies to contact you for data entry and transcription work, you must often update your profile. Your fees are negotiable. You can charge more the more experience you have.

2. FlexJobs

A trusted, notable asset for finding remote, adaptable, and independent work, including information passage undertakings, is FlexJobs.

You won’t have to filter through tricksters or low-paying responsibilities to find a fair opportunity on the grounds that each occupation posted has been checked by a genuine person. However you should pay to see its postings, FlexJobs is in any case certainly worth examining. A $14.95 month-to-month plan or longer-term choices with lower month-to-month rates are accessible. Look at our assessment of the site for extra data.

Likewise, perusers of DollarSprout might pursue the three-month and one-year plans of FlexJobs for up to 20% less by utilizing the promotion code FLEXDOLLAR.

3. AccuTran Global

Rather than doing routine information passage work, AccuTran Global for the most part utilizes transcriptionists. Yet, assuming you perform well on the company’s application assessments, they may as yet enlist you in spite of your short aptitude in translating. AccuTran Global pays per word and irregularly gives motivations for testing tasks. In the US, the Unified Realm, and Canada, workers are recruited.

There are many more firms that provide online or remote transcribing jobs if you are interested in or have expertise in the field. Before landing one employment, you can apply to a number of different ones. We’ve created a blog just for online transcribing jobs.

4. Scribie

Clients can purchase transcription services from Scribie via an automated or manual transcription platform. Automatic transcription only achieves an accuracy of 80%; to get 99%, they employ a hand transcriber.

As a Scribie transcriber, you must improve the automatic transcript projects they supply from 60% accuracy to 99% accuracy.

Your duties at Scribie will involve converting audio recordings into text, ensuring that the transcript matches the audio, accurately identifying and naming each speaker in the transcript, and fixing any spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

5. Clickworker

Another miniature errand place of work is Clickworker, where self-employed entities known as Clickworkers do a scope of exercises, including side positions like the information section. You should complete an appraisal subsequent to enrolling to decide the sort of work for which you are qualified; these positions will be remembered for your indexed lists.

More work choices will result from higher expertise levels. Assuming that you communicate in two dialects, for example, you will actually want to look for gainful employment in every one of them.

6. Working Solutions

Working Solutions employs independent contractors for data entry projects that may be done from home. Worldwide and in the United States, contractors are employed. Employees invoice Working Solutions every two weeks and are paid per project. The business also has editing and call center positions available.

7. Lionbridge

As implied by the name, Lionbridge links brands and businesses with subject-matter experts in their respective professions. If you have data entry experience, this platform will be a dream for you.

Like other online data entry job services, Lionbridge requires you to sign up for a free account in order to search for opportunities. You may search for employment in data entry, data annotation, online translation, and many more fields.

This website provides employment in more than 300 languages from all around the world, together with flexible working hours and reliable pay. I advise you to give them a go if you’re unsure about the greatest data entry websites.

8. SigTrack

To cross-reference appeal marks with names on citizen enrollment records, SigTrack utilizes distant self-employed entities. You are compensated by your result, consequently, there is no confirmation that you will be paid at a particular rate.

Regardless of whether it appears as though you’re not producing cash from the start, it very well may be advantageous to continue with it. As per SigTrack, most of the new clients twofold or high pitch their speed inside the initial not many days.

For people who need to deal with SigTrack, there are a couple of additional rules. You should be an inhabitant of the US since SigTrack needs representatives to get to elector enrollment information. Prior to beginning work, you should do a speedy video interview to affirm your recognizable proof.

9. 1840 & Company

An international freelancing marketplace and BPO (business process outsourcing) company is 1840 & Company. They collaborate with businesses of all sizes across a range of sectors that outsource back-office tasks including data entry and virtual assistants.

It’s a good location for independent contractors looking for data entry work to join and locate positions. As the site screens its freelancers, you must first apply to join. To make sure they have the necessary experience and abilities for the position, they extensively test and interview every freelancer.

It is less competitive than many of the bigger, more well-known sites, but if accepted, it’s an excellent place to start working in data entry.

10. Amazon MTurk

Amazon’s form of a miniature entrusting site, known as Amazon MTurk, or Mechanical Turk, centers around information-based exercises like truth checking and voice recording. Eliminating copy material from data sets and checking posting data are two instances of information passage obligations. Simply making a record and searching for occupations that coordinate your gifts can kick you off with MTurk.

11. TranscribeMe

One of the greatest websites for finding online data entry jobs is TranscibeMe, which also serves as a platform for connecting employers and job seekers. This location is a GOLDMINE for you if you are interested in internet occupations like data entry, data transcription, and data translation.

The freedom it provides for the workers is what distinguishes this as one of the greatest websites for data entry jobs. You may work as much or as little as you like from the convenience of your home.

Why You Should Look For Data Entry Jobs?

The development of mankind has been aided by the computer. The tool has made it easier to preserve data and records correctly. Yet having a computer alone won’t help you keep your records up to date; you also need individuals who can save all the data on the computer safely. Data entry and calculation are essential for maintaining records.

Even though the world has changed, handling these devices still requires a specialist because of the new advancements. While a computer is merely a machine, you must use it to do your task. Data entry jobs are ideal for you if you have enough typing speed and a strong mathematical foundation.

The most crucial instrument for assisting in the organization of information in a business or sector is considered to be data entry. The work demands intense focus and attention to every detail that must be captured for analysis or research. This helps to maintain track of all the information related to invoices, salaries, and tax bills so that it can be referenced as needed. Accurate data input is vital for the smooth operation of any firm.

Data input is a crucial task that has a big influence on productivity. Incorrect data entry can also have an impact on how well a firm performs. Losing crucial data due to a mistake would be disastrous in a society where data is king. Data entry workers are essential for keeping correct records and preventing costly errors that, if handled improperly by your personnel, might cost you millions of dollars.

Data is what enables businesses to make wise financial decisions. Additionally, it could help them in setting aside cash by staying away from exorbitant errors through and through. By the by, you really want a procedure for keeping this precious asset that will not decay or lose esteem after some time.

In our own firm, we’ve had some accomplishment by occasionally checking every passage’s precision with date ranges prior to continuing on to fresher positions, guaranteeing that each component has been appropriately recorded in spite of any adjustments made en route.

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