No Rank Drop Free Fire – Surely we both know if the game Free Fire or FF is a game that is very diligent in holding events. This has received a very positive response. Because by participating in or participating in events held by FF, every player or survivor has the same opportunity to get attractive prizes

In addition to getting attractive prizes, of course, every event that is presented has its own excitement. For example, before closing the end of 2019, Free Fire held an event to find treasure. Now at the beginning of 2020, Free Fire is holding another new event which is certainly no less exciting than the previous event.

If you are an active or diligent person in participating in FF events, of course you will try to take part in the latest events from FF. Besides that, you definitely need important information related to this event. For that, on this occasion we will provide the information you are looking for

Make sure you read this article to the end and also can understand everything we explain quickly. If you cannot understand what we are describing quickly, please read slowly as you absorb and understand each sentence or phrase we describe. Let’s look at the explanation about the event No Rank Drop Free Fire

No Rank Drop Free Fire Meaning?

The meaning or meaning of this no rank drop is where you will not drop from the ranking game. Because this event is valid for only 3 hours, from 6 to 9 in the afternoon, during those three hours you can push rank without going down riking. To be clear, if you lose the game you will not go down in rank

This event must be followed by players or survivors who really have three hours of free time as we have mentioned above. If you have other activities, we hope you don’t participate in this event. We are worried that you will not be able to successfully participate in this event and your other agenda will also fall apart

If you really want to take part in the no rank drop FF event, first make sure you prepare everything that supports the game event this time. Especially you have to prepare an adequate internet quota. If you are connected to wifi, of course this is better and does not make your internet quota swell.

Tips No Rank Drop Free Fire

Actually, there are no specific tips for following the latest event from Free Fire. However, you have to prepare all the right preparations so that you can relax or have no other business that disturbs you while you are participating in this event. The consequence of participating in this event for a Muslim is that you will leave the evening prayer and evening prayer in congregation. Here are the tips

  • Prepare sufficient internet quota
  • Make sure the battery on your smartphone is full before playing
  • prepare a drink using a straw
  • Prepare snacks also include shops if you are a smoker
  • find a quiet place or a place where no one is bothering you
  • good luck

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The final word

This is not the only event that Free Fire frequently holds. There are still many other events waiting for you. For that, keep on watching this site so you can get the latest information and updates about the FF event.

Well, if that’s all we could explain and inform you about No Rank Drop Free Fire. By listening to this article carefully, we hope you will understand it well. That’s all and see you later