New WhatsApp secret tricks 2020

Friends, you will be using WhatsApp as you wake up while sleeping and whatever. We will eat the food later but first of all, Whatsapp will see the message of whose message has arrived, today I will tell you to continue to learn new 2020 Whatsapp Secret Tricks.

tips and tricks for whatsaap

1. New Whatsapp Secret Tricks 2018 –

Preventing unwanted images from downloading 
You must have seen people spend a lot of time in Whatsapp. So Some pictures and messages you have seen again and again like good morning messages. They are automatically downloaded on our phone and by this, their gallery is filled up. And we and our phone are crying for low on space. If you want to stop it, go to Whatsapp Settings, then go to Data & Storage Usage, and here you will get 2 options When Using Mobile Data and Wifi, now you go to When Mobile Data and you can upload photos, Audio, Videos, Documents will be found, the one you mark will be downloaded to your phone. And if you unmark all of them, all automatic downloads will stop.

2. New Whatsapp Secret Tricks 2018

Enter Is Send Option

If your girlfriends send you a message quickly, here you can apply your Send option to your keyboard now how?
You have to go to Settings, then Chat, then Mark on the Enter Is Send option, then by doing so, you will find it in the Send Button Keyboard. And by doing so, you can forgive your girlfriends before her and say love u. 😂

3. New Whatsapp Secret Tricks 2018

Custom Notification
Many times your phone is vibrating or ringing in a pocket, and in this way, you say “die two men” and you greet. But sometimes it happens that the message is from your wife or girlfriend, and if you do not reply to it, then the brother is beaten up. You can set a Custom Notification for your contact on your phone to avoid this accident. You have to click above the Whatsapp Contact, you will find the Custome Notifications Option, then click on it and set a separate Notification, Vibrate for Individual Contact.

4. New Whatsapp Secret Tricks 2018

Send HD Images

Friends, whenever you send someone an image in Whatsapp, they do not go into HD quality, and their quality gets worse. So if you want to send an image to the HD quality in Whatsapp then click on the gallery option and not the gallery and send it to send the image, send it to HD quality. Now you are as beautiful as the front will look beautiful.

So in the end, I would say that if you want to save time and want to avoid the annoyance of daily Whatsapp, then like I said, keep doing it, life will be easy, and hope that New Whatsapp Secret Tricks 2018

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