Mystery Shop FF Free Fire September 2020 Has Arrived! 90% discount

When is the Mystery Shop FF Free Fire September 2020 – Garena Free Fire is still one of the battle royale games that are currently very popular in Indonesia. The survivors always await the presence of the latest Free Fire event, one of which is Mystery Shop Free Fire. So when will mystery shop free fire come again in September 2020?

Perhaps the answer to this question is from looking for survivors, because the Free Fire Mystery Shop offers pretty cool items & bundles. In addition, the price of items and bundles at mystery shop FF is very cheap, reaching a discount of 90%. No wonder, the event is always eagerly awaited.

The last mystery shop event was presented in July 2020, and it is reported that in the near future the event will be presented again by Garena on 16 to 22 September as mentioned by the Booyah website. What’s new on Mystery Shop Free Fire September 2020? In the following we’ll give you a leak!

Mystery Shop FF September 2020

Mystery Shop FF Free Fire September 2020 Has Arrived! 90% discount

Reportedly, in the latest Mystery Shop ff event in September 2020, there are two types of prize pools, among others Plan Bermuda Street (F) and Bermuda Street Bundle Plan (M) as the main prize. You can get the two main prizes on condition that you have to fill in the progress bar in full on the top page of the event.

How do I fill the progress bar completely? You are required to buy another prize in the prize pool. If you have purchased a prize pool such as a Bundle, you can buy the bundle at other prize pools for free.

Very interesting right? Therefore, don’t miss the mystery shop September 2020 event. Because there are lots of cool prizes that can be obtained at very cheap prices. We remind you one more time, this event has a deadline until September 22, 2020.

Prize Pool Mystery Shop Free Fire

Mystery Shop FF Free Fire September 2020 Has Arrived! 90% discount

As we mentioned above, the Mystery Shop FF has tons of cool items & bundles that you can get cheap or free. The following is a leak of the latest Mystery Shop Free Fire prizes for September 2020:

  1. Bermuda Plan Voucher
  2. Voucher Incubator
  3. Painted Omen
  4. Panda Box
  5. Eat My Dust
  6. Robo Box
  7. Elite Pass
  8. Pet Food
  9. Kapella Box
  10. Name Change Card
  11. Flowers of Love
  12. Fox Box
  13. Star Light
  14. Tea Time
  15. Luqueta Box
  16. Gloo Wall – Nuclear Bunker
  17. 50 Bundle Celestial Street Badge
  18. Violet Terror Weapon (Loot Crate)
  19. Beachwear (Loot Crate)
  20. Death’s Eye Weapon (Loot Crate)
  21. Winterlands Weapon (Loot Crate)
  22. Mechanical Weapon (Loot Crate)

Actually there are many more prizes found on Mystery Shop FF September 2020. To be able to see the full prize, you can immediately enter the event after being officially presented by Garena.

One thing you should know, each player (player) can have an additional prize pool that is different.

How to Play at the September 2020 FF Mystery Shop Event

The long-awaited FF Mystery Shop event has finally been released by Garena on September 16-22 2020. Therefore, please prepare a Free Fire diamond first so you can buy items & bundles at very cheap prices at the event.

Before you enter the mystery shop 11.0 FF event, the first step that must be taken is to determine the discount first. The discount will apply to all items and bundles.

The discount that can be obtained reaches 90% (maximum) on the latest mystery shop 11.0 September 2020. If you are lucky to get a 90% discount, automatically the prices of all items at the event will be very cheap. After the discount has been obtained, please enter the event and buy all items & bundles now.


Maybe that’s all we can tell about Latest Mystery Free Fire Event September 2020. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful for those of you, especially those who are looking for items & bundles at discounted prices. Wait for the latest updates from us every day so you don’t miss information about the Free Fire game. Thank you, our respect!


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