This time we want to give a review of Motorola Moto G10 which will be soon with a very cheap price offer. In addition to the excellent battery life of the Motorola trademark, the Moto G10 features a quad rear camera and a larger plus screen.

This Moto G10 shows how a Motorola phone can be a reliable option if you are on a tight budget. Interested in buying? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Motoral Moto G10 given below.

Motorola moto g10 review

The Motorola G10 is indeed presented at a cheaper price, but this phone has not yet been officially released in Indonesia. Based on the information from several sources, here are some ideas that may or may not be used to purchase this phone.

1. Price

Before discussing the Motorola Moto G10 review further, how much will it cost? Motorola has launched the Moto G10 in the UK, where it is being sold for up to £ 129 on sites such as Motorola or John Lewis.

2. Design

When you choose it, you will like the simple but fun design of the Moto G10. Plastic fancy seems cheaper than the phone’s classy metal and glass construction. But it makes sense because we are talking about cheap phones.

The Moto g10 still has a light weight. The edges are thicker which adds ambulance to the cellphone’s impression. This gives the impression that the G10 will still function even if you accidentally leave it. The available color options are Aurora Gray and Sakura Pearl.

Motorola has tested the Moto G10 with IP52 specifications. This means that the G10 is rainproof, but it will not be safe from heavy spray or drowning in water.

3. Display and audio

With a size of 6.5 inches, the Moto G10’s screen is quite large, spoiled by thick bezels all around. The waterdrop notch at the very top at the top keeps the camera for full bezels without sacrificing much screen space.

The HD + LCD panel is far from being a good word because it is not very bright at times, and the extreme angles make things even harder to see on the screen.

A speaker with a lower port on the Moto g10 provides decent volume, which crisps and clarifies the signature vocals of the ELISH.

4. Camera

Motorola Moto G10 Camera Specification

Let’s take a look at other Motorola Moto G10 reviews in the Camera Specs section. Even though the Moto G10 is a cheap phone, you still have four sensors on the back of the phone. Carries a 48MP main camera and an 8MP ultraviolet angle lens, but you also get a 2MP depth sensor and a 2MP macro camera. The 8MP selfie camera at the front of the phone complements the optics.

The Moto g10 has produced an image that more accurately captures the color of these lightly roasted beans. While the Realme 7 offers similar details, the colors of the shots may not match those of the Moto g10.

While testing the front camera, the Moto G10 got the ultimate easy win over this selfie comparison. It offers a brighter background blur than Realme, and much better color as well. I looked a lot more natural in Motorola’s image, not the odd pink as I did in the Reality shot.

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5. Performance

In terms of processor power, the Moto g10 delivers bare minimum. The Snapdragon 460 chipset and 4GB of RAM are significantly less powerful than almost any other phone you can find today – the Moto G Power 2021 runs on the Snapdragon 662 for reference – and shows up in the benchmark.

The Moto g10 manages a single-core score of 247 and a multi-core score of 1,130 on the Geekbench 5 benchmark. This is much lower than the already low Moto G Power of the 314 and 1,437. Cheap and even worse, Hot Paper Ghost achieved lower scores of 158 and 834. Compared further, our favorite budget phone, the Pixel 4A, scored 551 and 1647, even though they were several hundred dollars more than cheap Motorola handsets.

This is a story like the 3DMark Wildlife Graphics Test. The result of the Moto is 250 points, 1.5 frames per second, which does not match the 372 points and 2.2 frames per second that Moto G Power receives.

6. Battery life and charging

With a 5,000 mAh battery, the Moto G10 has a larger battery than the current flagship. And this is great news for battery life.

Motorola G-series phones have historically performed exceptionally well in terms of longevity, and the G10 is no exception. My attempt to drain the G10 battery at night ended on a phone that played YouTube video for about 24 hours over Wi-Fi on the G-10, before shutting down. After you turn on this phone, it won’t free up for a while, no matter what you do

The larger Moto G10 battery takes a little longer to charge. The included 10W charger fills the battery up to 25% in 30 minutes, and charges up to 100% in 2 hours and 27 minutes of glaciers; This is the same recharge time as the current Moto G power. We recommend that the battery be so large, as you will not be able to easily recharge your G10 within a few minutes of charging.

7. Software

Like the previous few generations of its phone, the Moto g10 runs on MyUX, a slightly altered version of the stock Android that you get on Google’s expensive Pixel devices. This means that apart from the Moto app, you only get a basic collection of Google apps when setting up your phone, allowing you to customize your home screen to your liking.

Conclusion Motorola Moto G10 Review

Based on the Motorola Moto G10 review, the Motorola Moto G10 could be very good for what the device originally covered. You have an Android skin that is smartly designed and easy to use, a battery that will last most of the day for continued use, and some acceptable camera capabilities, and a relatively low price.

You cannot expect a lot of sophistication at this price, but some flaws in the Moto g10 experience should not be overlooked. The low-resolution screen is dim and hard to see from all angles, plus the low-power chipset means you’ll struggle to play the latest games or use demanding applications.

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