Minecraft Mod is one of the most recommended games to play in leisure time. This game was developed by a popular Swedish video game developer named Mojang. This game offers addictive gameplay and is different from other games.

Minecraft is a premium game that you can purchase on Google Play for 99 thousand rupiah. The good news is, there is a solution to play it for free if the price is too high, namely by downloading Minecraft that has been modified by a third party developer.

Review Game Minecraft Mod

Mojang first developed the Minecraft game for the PC version, to be precise in 2009. At that time, Minecraft managed to catch the hearts of gamers because many played this unique and challenging game.

Seeing this success, Mojang improved the quality of the Minecraft game by fixing bugs to make fans even more satisfied. As time goes by and technology develops, Minecraft is now available for PS, Xbox, Android to IOS.

Different from other developers who elbow each other to develop games with quality designs, Mojang seems to be the opposite of these developers. Yes, the idea of ​​a Minecraft game is very unique and out of the box because the overall details of this game consist of blocks of various colors and uses.

Uniquely, it is this unusual thing that makes many people play Minecraf games actively. Until now, there have been around 10 million people who have downloaded and played Minecraft and it continues to grow, especially Minecraft is the game of choice for Google Play editors.

Even though this game consists of many blocks like pixels from the past, the graphics that are owned by Minecraft are very sharp and clear. So even though the pixel arrangement in it is so coarse, gamers’ eyes are still spoiled with stunning coloring and detail.

In terms of gameplay, Minecraft offers a game system that is challenging, addictive and far from boring. There are several game modes that you can enjoy in this modified Minecraft, namely survival mode, adventure mode, creative mode and hardcore mode.

Minecraft mod is a modified application of the Minecraft game that you can play without having to buy 99 thousand on Google Play. This modified game is already in a paid state once you download it, so it can be installed and played with ease.

Top and Best Features of the Game Minecraft Mod

Unlocked Premium Skins


The first advantage of the modified Minecraft game is that users can immediately open premium skins. Without having to buy, there are many premium skins that you can use for your character. Lots of cool and artistic skins that will make your character even more extraordinary.

Unlocked Premium Textures


Premium textures are also automatically unlocked if you are using a modified Minecraft. Premium textures offer smooth blocks so the building you are building in Minecraft will look smooth and realistic.

No Damage


Furthermore, there is a feature of no damage to players, aka your character will not decrease his life and will never die. So you are free to play as you wish, taking deadly risks without fear of your character dying. This feature will certainly help you speed up your progress easily.

Unlimited Breath

You can also enjoy unlimited breath sources by playing a modified version of Minecraft. Some of the breaths that are already available in unlimited quantities are dragon’s breath, water breath and so on. So now you don’t need grinding to collect it.

One Hit Kill


The modified version of Minecraft also offers a feature where your character can eliminate enemies in one fell swoop. This feature will certainly make it easier for you because with just one attack, the mob will immediately crash and won’t wake up again.

Maximum Storage


After you collect a few items, these items can be stored in storage, which can be full if you don’t create other storage. The good news is, in Minecraft mod storage has been designed to be in maximum condition.

Unlimited Durability


In Minecraft, most of the actions you do require equipment, which can be damaged if used continuously. Now, in this modified version, players can enjoy equipment features with unlimited durability, so they won’t break or break.

Survival Mode


One of the advantages of Minecraft is its diverse and challenging game modes, one of which is the survival mode. This survival mode includes a game mode that Minecraft fans crave because it is so difficult plus challenging.

In this mode, players are only provided with a full life and a full stomach to start their journey. You can activate the chest feature to get useful items such as a flashlight. If you are lucky, you can get seeds, which can be planted for food.

In this mode, you are required to be clever in using the resources you have. If you really mean it, you can stay in one location and build a house. Most of these modes only provide difficulty making your character die in a short time.

Adventure Mode


Next there is an adventure mode that is no less interesting and challenging to try. This mode is very similar to survival mode, except that players can only use tools according to their function, for example, in this mode you can dig only if you have a shovel.

In this mode you also have to eat and grow crops so you don’t die. In addition, there are also many mobs that will attack you which can also kill you and return you to the check point. There you can respawn and start the game again.

Creative Mode


As the title suggests, in this game mode you can be creative in arranging blocks into the desired building. Some of the unique things that you can build with these blocks are strong fortresses, large dragons, magnificent castles and so on.

Hardcore Mode


Hardcore mode is similar to survival mode, with a much more difficult level of play. Hardcore mode is the most difficult, where players cannot use cheats and cannot respawn. If it dies, then you have to start the game all over again.

Download Minecraft Mod and How to Install it

  • First visit the link https://www.carageo.com/tz/M-
  • Click the button “Download Now” and wait for the process to complete
  • Then make sure the smartphone can install unofficial applications, how to open it “Settings” then “Security” then tick “Unknown source”
  • When the download process is complete, install the APK file above and follow the process to completion
  • Done, now you can play Minecraft for free without having to spend money

In conclusion, if you are looking for a challenging game with a unique and completely different concept, then you can play Minecraft. This one game is the opposite of today’s games, but so many gamers are interested in playing Minecraft.

In this game, you can go on an adventure in a block and pixel world with amazing coloring and detail. This game offers several game modes that are both challenging and addicting, certainly making gamers feel more at home playing it.