Maron River Waters. – Located on The Maron River, also known as Indonesian Amazon Petiton East Java. If you live in Pacitan, perhaps the place is already familiar, but for those of you who live outside Pacitan, there is nothing wrong with visiting Maron River Tourism Destination in Pacitan.

The entry price in this maroon river tour is very cheap, you only have to pay Rp. 2000 you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this Amazon river basin.

KnowDarsano, Pringkku, Maron, Dursno, Pringkku, Paikitan Regency, East Java
opening time06.00-17.00 WIB (Monday-Sunday)
TicketRP 2,000 per person
Boat rentalRP 100,000 – Rp 150,000
restFood stalls, public toilets, parking areas.

Riverside tourism is currently a trend in Indonesia. How not, rivers in Indonesia can still be called beautiful and lush, one of which is Maroon River Which is located in Pakittan in East Java, like the Amazon River outside the country.

The Maron River is a natural tourist destination in the Pakitan district, providing a clear river experience with a beautiful and unique panorama. The Maron River tourist destination is located at the address of Darsano, Pringkku, Maron, Darsno, Pringkku, Pakitan Regency, East Java.

The beauty and uniqueness of the Maroon River can be seen from the area around the river which is still overgrown with dense green trees and coconut plants.

Maron River, a tourist destination in Pakitan, East Java

The water of the river Maron is also famous for its clarity. For that clarity, many call it the “Green Canyon” of Packitan. Some artists in the capital have reportedly visited the Maron River.

If you want to go to the banks of the Maran River, you can rent a boat from local residents. For the cost of renting a boat on the Maran River, it is set between 100-150 thousand rupees and includes the cost of the hull. At that price, you will be spoiled for the beauty of the Maron River.

Each boat can seat a maximum of 5-6 people. You can follow the river for about 45 minutes with a journey of about 4 to 6 kilometers. You will get to experience a very pleasant journey, so your eyes will be spoiled by the beauty around this maroon river.

Maron River Entrance Fee

Being a cheap tourist destination in Packitan, the entry price in Maroon River is very cheap and affordable. You only have to pay Rp. 2,000 only to enter this Maroon River tour in Packitan.

Meanwhile, boat rentals on the Maron River cost around 100–150 thousand, and in a boat it can fit about 4–5 people. So, you can invite your family to drown in this river. The price of the boat rental is the same as that of the driver, so all you have to do is sit back, enjoying the beauty of this pilgrimage tour.

Seeing the charm of the beauty of the trees, crystal clear water, and a cozy rural environment, you will feel at home and will not want to go home, but you also have to be careful, as the depth reaches the Maron River 20 meters.

Maron River Tour, not far from downtown Pakitan. Also, this Maron river tour is still quite virgin, as not many tourists have gone to see it. For that, the view of the Maron River still reflects its beauty.

Hence the Maron River is also known as Pacitan’s “The Indonesian Amazon”, where the river stretches out which is decorated with shady trees that decorate it like the famous Amazon Tropical Rain River.

Location and ticket prices for Maroon River, Shanti, East Java

And you will enjoy it even more, when you reach the river, you will meet the Nagrobayo beach. Namely a beach which has its own distinctness due to black sand which dominates most of the beach. Really a fun travel experience right?

Well, you can make this Pacitan River Maron tourist destination your next holiday destination. Given the low cost and easily available space, Maron River is a must for you.

Are you interested in this tourist destination in Pacitan, Sungai Maron?

For those of you who like natural nuances, tourism in Pachin, namely the Maron River, is a journey, as you will feel in the Amazon River. In addition, the price of entry to the Amazon River is very cheap, it is a highly recommended natural tourist destination.