Jurnalfakta.com – The Bond of Love Thursday, April 8, 2021 Synopsis of Episode 230. Happiness is to be felt by all fans of the soap opera Aikatan Cinta as Mama Rosa allows Al and Andin to return home. Also, Mama Roja tells Al to make Andin his full wife. Is this a sign that Aladdin will be on the way soon?

Today’s Bondage episode 230 will ask Rafael Al and Andin about their cousin Ricky on Thursday, April 8, 2021. Rafael asked what was the problem with his cousin. Al and Andin then shared all the events at Pandora Cafe. Raphael then searches for the truth and asks Ricky directly.

Elsa’s ingenuity and cleverness in acting manage to save her from the trap of Al and Andin. After Elsa brings Ricky as a false witness for her previous pregnancy, Elsa proves that Elsa is currently receiving full support from Elsa.

Today everyone believes that Elsa was never close to Roy, but Aldebaran was not. Al already knew Elsa’s cunning, so he wouldn’t easily believe what Elsa had said.

In addition, Elsa also received support from Nino’s parents, who accused Elsa of being the perpetrator of Roy’s murder, beating Andis. They both did not expect this, so Nino’s parents did not acknowledge what Al and Andine had done to Elsa.

Continue to summarize the bond of love on Thursday, April 8, 2021. Al and Andine were overjoyed after Mama Roja surprised them. Al and Andin’s rooms are decorated in such a way that they can soon become fully spouses. Mama Rosa also advised Al to make Andin his wife without any hatred and revenge.

When Al and Andin entered the room, celebrating a small party, they looked like newlyweds. Andin also did not hesitate to ask Al if he wanted to have a husband-and-wife relationship. Al’s clumsiness is a strange thing that spoils Andin’s smile.

When she wanted to have a husband and wife relationship, Reyna suddenly wanted to sleep with Al and Andine, becoming a hindrance to Reyna Aladdin’s birth.

However, Mama Roja, who knows that Reyna wants to sleep with her mother and father, tries to trick Reyna into sleeping in Al and Andin’s room.

Continue to Ricky’s problem. Rafael, who is still curious about his relationship with Elsa, tries to ask Ricky directly about whether he ever cremated Elsa.

Ricky was surprised how Rafael came to know about this. Ricky also gave Rafael an explanation. (Perhaps Ricky would lie to Elsa’s reward for intercourse). Because Ricky wanted a part from Elsa, Ricky finally stated that he actually had a husband and wife relationship.

Rafael was surprised and did not appear to have committed adultery by his cousin. However, Rafael understands that Ricky is often known to replace women.

Elsa’s position is being secured, but Al and Andine will not keep quiet, instead Al challenges what Elsa has done. Also, Elsa’s play does not convince Al that Elsa had an intimate relationship with Ricky.

Randy will continue to investigate Ricky, until Randy catches Ricky alone with Elsa. Ricky met Elsa as he asked for payment for what he had done at Pandora Cafe. Elsa also asked for time and thought about the salary Ricky wanted.

Elsa is confused because the salary that Ricky wants is not money or other things but Elsa’s body. Elsa is convicted and refuses to give it up, but Ricky threatens that if Elsa doesn’t give it to Ricky, Ricky will also leak everything to Al and Andin and her husband, Nino.

Elsa was corn and could do nothing else. In the end, Elsa asks Ricky to give him time to live up to his promise.

Well, this is Prem Bond’s leaked Synopsis on Thursday, April 8, 2021, hopefully with this Synopsis of Prem Bond episode 230, you will all be more curious. Also, it soon looks like Aladdin will be on the way soon.