Compulsory Telegram Bot List Collection 2021 – Telegram is one of the most used chat apps so far. One of the most popular features is the Telegram bot. Telegram robot is a robot in itself that can be programmed to follow many commands and instructions from the user.

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List of telegram bots you should use for daily needs

There are many bots that have sprung up since the beginning of their release, but there are five telegram bots that are most useful for everyday life. anything?

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1 @ GmailBot

This bot is an official Google bot that receives and sends services via Telegram. Before using this bot, you must first log in using a registered Gmail account.

It is easy to use and is similar to Gmail application. Each incoming email will be automatically updated in the chat column. If you want to write a new email, just enter the instructions new And Bot The email will display options for the recipient, subject and message to be sent.

2 @ office2pdf_bot

This bot is very useful for students and students, especially in this online school period. Office2pdf is a bot that performs the task of converting image files to PDF files.

The method is very easy. Users only need to enter an image file, then click on the option Preparer. Then select the option Yes To enter a file name, type the file name and wait a few moments. When the bot has finished converting, download the file and click on the three dots in the top right of the file, select Save For download, it is finished. It is easy farin.

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3 @ creatAtthemebot

For those of you who want Telegram beauty, you can use this bot to create a custom theme. Trick, send pictures The background Whatever theme you want, select the theme type according to your smartphone OS (iOS or Android), then select the three color themes as you wish. Wait for the bot to process your order, and it’s done. You can make as many Telegram themes as you want.

4 @ subtitle_dll_bot

For those of you who are confused about finding subtitles for Korean movies or dramas, you can use them Bot sub headline this. Pintu’s collection of subtitles is quite complete and available in various languages.

How to search for it, type in the title of the Korean film or drama you are looking for. Click the Search for Lines option, then the bot will display a list of related Korean movies and plays. Click on the title you are looking for, then choose the language you want. Again Scroll Until you search for it sub headline Do you want to. download Choose File and Save to Download option. You are also free to watch Korean movies and plays without language barriers.

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