This free game is a list of 10 Telegram bot games for 2021 – the Telegram application that went viral recently has quite unique features, it is no wonder that many people, especially Indonesia, prefer to use the bot. We do. Trying to make 50+ Best Telegram Bot Collection 2021 mandatory as mentioned in the article! , A bot is a command that helps users to use the application. One of the Telegram bot features is the Telegram game bot. What are the ingredients? As the name itself suggests, this Telegram bot feature has unique and interesting games that you can try for free.

What are the different types of Telegram game bots? There are many games in this Telegram bot. And not only as a message exchange application, but Telegram still has many unique features that you can enjoy. Like Telegrams are game bots that can be used in your free time or want to spend time playing games.

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This is a list of free games on Telegram bot that you can play in 2021

Bots include:

1. Game Werewolf Bot

The types of this game are roleplay and party games, which are group games. So, the game is played by inviting your friends. The method group is to invite the bot, named @werewolfbot. The goal, players will have to find wolves at night, who usually hunt villagers. Isn’t it exciting? If you have previously played a similar game to guess werewolf and villagers, then you will definitely understand how this game works.

2. Bot Game Uno

Surely you already know Uno game right? Like above, this game is usually done in groups, so that you can invite friends to play. Then don’t forget to invite the bot to join the group to start the Uno card game on this telegram. The principle of playing is like playing a card where one is believed to win if he can finish the first card.

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3. Bot game tic tac toe

Besides the Telegram game bot, there is also a tic tac toe game, you must know this game right? Tic Tac Toe is a game where you have to select 3 round buildings and a row. Players who manage to put their three marks in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally will win the match. The way to play this Telegram game is also very easy, just need to invite the game bot to Telegram group. You can then choose to play immediately in two ways, namely playing with friends or random players (determined by bots).

4. Mafia Gang Game Bot

One of the most exciting games on this telegram is Mafia Gang. Where each player will form a group or gang of each person. After that you can buy many weapons and control the commercial sector. You are required to be able to fight with other gang groups. In this way the gang would be considered the most powerful and would be able to rule the world in a Telegram game.

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5. Five basic Panchsheel game bots

This Telegram bot game also has a science-based game, Pancilla Five Basis. And one of those games that has been around for a long time, anyone who plays it should be indifferent. Like other games, the way to play this Telegram game is to invite bots, then you will be asked questions directly with many answer options.

6. MyFam Village Game Bot

The game is almost identical to the famous game on PS1, Harvest Moon. You should be familiar with Harvest Moon game. Harvest Moon is a farming simulation game released in 2000 by Natsume for the Playstation console. In this game you will play the role of a young boy who works as a farmer (there is also a version of the main character as a girl). From a large city, a small town called Mineral Town inherited long-abandoned agricultural land from his late grandfather, a sport that was very popular in its time. In this game, players will cultivate or harvest vegetables, care for and care for animals. Not only this, you can also donate or steal some items.

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7. Continuous Word Game Bots

Also, there is a game on words. In this game, it can be done with two players, but the rest can participate without first joining. As the name implies, the way to play is to add words. Then this bot telegram game can be used for friends or groups, which will certainly be very exciting if played.

8. Andy English Robot Game Bot

Like the Panchsheel Panch Dushar educational game, this type of Andy English robot game is also educational. Not only as a game, but also as a source of knowledge and hone skills. Especially if you want to learn about English, then everything can be done in this bot. Incoming players will be informed about vocabulary, grammar and many more.

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9. Bot Game Family 100

Have you ever watched the TV show Family 100? Yes, this bot game is the same game where players with a total of three people will guess the answer from the survey. If you guess it successfully, you will get the highest point. Don’t forget before playing to invite @ fam100bot to the group.

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10. Vote Bot Game Bot

The last bot game on Telegram is the vote bot. If you are planning an event in a group, but have problems determining whether pickle is sure. Just use this bot @vote. Can help you in holding elections which can be shared with relatives.

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Last word

This bot is a brief review of the Telegram game that you can use when you feel bored and want to do something fun. Hopefully, the above article can be useful and be able to provide interesting information.

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