February 25, 2021, Episode 180 of Love Bonds Leaks. Jurnalfakta.com – It doesn’t feel like soap work is tied to bonding today, reaching its 180th episode. The author will give a synopsis of Prem Bond episode 180 so that you are all more curious.

The story of Sintron Ikatan Sinta succeeded in hypnotizing the audience, and it felt real, not acting. Arya Saloka who plays the role of Aldebaran and Amanda Manopo and has been successful in raising Andin ratings The bond of love Thank you for his exceptional acting.

For those of you who are curious about what will happen next, please see the summary of the bond of love on Thursday, February 25, Episode 180.

Synopsis of Bonds of Love Thursday 25 February, Episode 180

We begin with Aldebaran, who is curious about Reyna’s real father. Al manages to take Nino’s blood sample, and Al also takes Reyna to the hospital for DNA testing.

Al also feels anxious, if Reyna proves to be Nino’s son, Al certainly doesn’t believe that he loves Nino’s son, not Roy’s son.

However, if Rayna was not Nino’s son, Al would certainly be happy, as he thought Reyna was Roy’s son. But, it seems that Reyna is actually the offspring of Nino and Andin who were assigned to the orphanage by Elsa.

After finding out that Reyna is Nino’s son, Al immediately looks at Reyna with a cold eye, as if he doesn’t believe Reyna is Nino’s real child.

Episode 180 leaked summary of love affair on Thursday, February 25

Continue Prem Bandhan’s leaked synopsis on Episode 25 on Thursday 25 February, namely Mama Sarah, who asked Eta to correct her words during a police interrogation to make a statement of not being fully convicted. Mateo was also lured to $ 500 million.

It is actually Elsa’s plan to ask Mama Sarah to meet Mateo in Surabaya, and this is Elsa’s attempt to break out of prison.

Matto had the greed for wages that he would receive if he could make a statement that the stabbing was beyond Elsa’s orders. Mato also asked that Elsa be released from prison.

Also, Nino, who at first thought he could not tolerate their relationship, seemed to change his mind after Rafael, Elsa being a nice and beautiful woman.

However, Nino’s parents no longer wanted to interfere in Nino’s domestic affairs. They also said that they would surrender to Nino’s decision whether to divorce Elsa or not.

Nino’s parents were already frustrated by Elsa’s actions that nearly killed Nino. In the end, they no longer believed Elsa’s words.

Also, in today’s Prem Bandhan, Thursday 25 February, Episode 180, Elsa asks for help from Andin so that Andin asks Rafael and Nino to stop investigating the Roy case.

Andine was immediately shocked, why Elsa said that. Even though he had good intentions to solve the mystery of Roy’s death. Andin then meets Rafael and Nino and stops investigating Roy’s case.

Rafael is also surprised as to what Andin said, Rafael asks Andin the reason why he asked Roy to stop exposing the case. Andin then said that I did not want Elsa to be unhappy, as Nino was still involved in the investigation. Raphael then thought that there was something strange about all of this.

For the earrings problem, Rafael calls the number given by the cafe cashier, Rafael was surprised because the number given by the cafe cashier lady was Andin’s number.

Rafael then invites Andin to meet him to return the earrings. Andine certainly feels happy as missing earrings have been found. Andin then tells Mama Sarah that the earring has been found.

On the problem of Al and Reyna. After returning from the hospital, Alia’s face turns pale knowing that Reyna is in fact Nino’s son. Andin also asked why Adebaran had changed. Al still imagines that Reyna is Roy’s son, but Al also cannot deny the results of a DNA test that suggests that Reyna is Nino’s biological child.

The problem later is that if Andin realizes that Reyna is Nino’s son, Andin will think that Reyna is Nindi, Andin’s son, whom he is said to have died.

Not being honest about who Reyna actually is may end up raging on Andin Al again. But Al will also say that Al knows that Rena is Nindi to Elsa who would leave her in an orphanage.

If all of this happens it will be very interesting, and Elsa’s lies will be exposed again. Andin would certainly be very angry with Elsa because she was lying when Nindi died. If Elsa was pregnant with Roy, Andin might also uncover this mystery.

Wow .. This is going to be a big problem for Elsa’s house and Andin’s house. First lies will be revealed. Reveal of Reyna’s problem, of course, would be a bright spot as the real criminal who kills Roy.

How does the bund feel?

This is Love Bonds’ Leaked Synopsis on Thursday 25 February. Episode 180. This Synopsis of Love Bonds episode 180, hopefully all of you will feel more curious about the next Love Bond. It’s very interesting to follow the story line for Prem’s soap opera Bond, right, Bund?