How to withdraw Tokocrypto in a bank account – With the advancement of the world of technology, it is rapidly giving a lot of facilities to the people, one of which is to obtain or obtain finance through internet media.

No longer need to come to traditional banks, capital is applied for loan and the capital is returned for business purposes. But the blessings of the internet are positive, you can also get a productive income.

Even interest free online loan loans are available. There are many applications among online moneymakers with Tokocrypto’s platform. With Tokocrypto, its form of selling and buying in trading is bitcoin which has been around for a long time and is widely known.

Options can be shopped in crypto stores and sell crypto assets very practically and very easily, even if you want to make a return on TokoCrypt, the process is very simple.

In this meeting we will provide a brief discussion for you, if you want, you will have to stay till you read this website. How to withdraw Tokocrypto in a bank account. By reading and listening to the end, you can be sure that later on you will be able to practically take money from TokoCrypt.

What is the total withdrawal fee on TokoCrypt?

Before working on withdrawals using the Tokocrypto application, you must prepare the required funds in advance as an administrator fee.

And it turns out that the admin fee is much cheaper than Tococrypto Luam, you only need to pay around Rp.5,500, of course you can pay it.

If you have been able to pay an amount of Rp.5,500, now you can take money with this rebate at any time, even you can withdraw a large amount of money withdrawal transactions reaching Rp 250,000,000 per day. Can, which turns out. Quite large.

How to withdraw Tokocrypto in a bank account

When you are going to make a retreat via tococrypto yourself, you can do it very easily, even practically, and you can practice it right away.

It can also be linked to your bank ownership account, which is the balance from the tococrypto and then recorded in your personal savings debit.

While there is a full description below, traditional bank transfers about being able to make cash withdrawals at Tokocrypto.

  1. You first need to visit the Tocotrypto site, then you need to log in according to your ID so that you can see the balance and other menus.
  2. Then you just click on the menu that says Wallet, then you make an option to withdraw money and also make withdrawals.
  3. Also press the button that says IDR, then you can immediately select the bank you want to use to be able to withdraw technology on Tokocrypto.
  4. If it turns out that you still do not have an account, you can withdraw, you can add and immediately press the button as add account, and then the one you used when withdrawing Will record information about the account.
  5. Click the next button, then you can enter only the nominal return you want to make in TokoCrypt.
  6. Also click on the Request Withdrawal button, then you enter a verification code that has been sent via email and your Google account.
  7. Finally, press a button for confirmation, this is how the request for withdrawal process is sent and just be patient waiting for the money.

Last word

When you are going to withdraw money in Tokocrypto as for less and more, we have to withdraw easily, sorry if there are still many incomplete tutorials. All these reviews are first, hopefully it can provide meaningful benefits, thanks.