How to transfer Neo Bank to Kluet Media’s DANA? – Techzbin

We can transfer Neo Bank to Dana through the Neo+ application from the VA payment menu. For the DANA account number we use a Permata bank account with a virtual number with the code 8528 Dana Account HP No.

For example, if the feed number is 085777777777 then the destination account number becomes 85280857777777777,

Before sending money from Neo Bank to Dana account, you need to know that the minimum withdrawal limit in Mage for Neo+ balance is Rs 10,000, without admin charges at least for now.

How to transfer Neo Bank to Dana?

  1. Open Neo+ app
  2. Select the VA Payments menu.
  3. Neo Bank Transfer in Dana
  4. Thereafter, you can choose the source of funds from the remitter, whether it is from Neo Savings or Neo+ Balance.
  5. In the VA code, enter the DANA virtual account number via Permata, which is 8528 + the cellphone number of the DANA recipient.
  6. Then select Bank Permata in the name of the recipient bank.
  7. Enter a minimum transfer of 10,000 and then tap on Continue.
  8. Double check if the VA number and amount are correct, if so, tap Confirm Transfer.
  9. Send Bank Neo to Mage Account
  10. Enter Neo+ PIN.
  11. If the transaction is successful, a notification will appear.
  12. Successful transaction for Mage
    After the process of sending balance from Bank Neo is successful, the DANA balance will increase as per the nominal sent by you.

What is Neobank?

To date, PT Bank Neo Commerce TBK (BNC) has recorded over 10 million downloads of the Neobank digital application in Indonesia. google play store and in app Store, So it is the highest in the digital bank category, and is projected to reach a total of 10 million customers and two million active daily users by the end of this October.

Tajandra Gunawan, President, Director, Bank Neo Commerce said that the NeoBank application of Bank Neo Commerce is expected to provide easy banking services to the customers.

Until finally contributing to financial inclusion in Indonesia. So far, they claim to have received many responses from customers that they never had a banking account before, then were interested in opening an account because of the various attractive financial services and products from BNC.

“Like being able to quickly and easily open an account in less than a minute, being able to enjoy free transfers Unlimited, and is a Neo Now savings product with deposit flexibility with an interest rate of 6% per annum,” he said in a written statement on Wednesday (13/10).

How to register Neobank Digital

Before registering for the Neo+ Plus application, there is one important thing that needs to be generated, namely a referral code 74UJ72 Note (all capital letters).

Please note that if you want to register for Neo+ Plus application without any referral code, you will not get the bonus balance of Rs.20 thousand for new user gifts.

That’s why it is necessary to save the referral code 74UJ72 Registration Application Neo+ Plus Open a BNC Commerce Bank Account. Then use it by following the steps to register below.

How to Register Latest Neo+ Plus October 2021
  1. Download NEO+ App Here play store or appstore
  2. You must have an ID card, if you don’t have one, you can use your parent’s ID and cellphone number
  3. Enter referral code ( 74UJ72 ,
  4. Click on send OTP
  5. Enter OTP Code in SMS
  6. Click Register Now
  7. For example create a password ([email protected],
  8. Click on I read and click on open account now
  9. Fill in the photo ID and all the data, do not leave anything blank
  10. Referral content again ( 74UJ72 ,
  11. Finally, verify the face as per the photo on the ID card