How to stop the latest automated success telmodeal credit in 2021 – Now who does not know this big company? Yes, Telkmail. Where this company is known to many due to its very extensive service. He has reached from Sabang to Maruke. Not only that, the signal quality given was very strong. And it is stable at every location point spread throughout Indonesia. In addition, Telkomsel offers several service options in its prepaid cards. Starting with American cards, loop and also simPati. In addition, in its own postpaid service, Telkmail offers a halo card.

How to stop the latest automated success telmodeal credit in 2021

In serving its users, Telkmail also offers several options for data packages, SMS, RBT, telephone or premium content. Of course, all these package options can be made in one purchase or subscription. By the way, it is not uncommon for Telkomsel users to experience situations where credit is sucked out of their cellphone cards themselves. I have personally experienced this, and the reason at that time was that I forgot to stop the SMS package subscription package. No one would want to experience this event. Where you will definitely wonder why you might have less number of pulses.

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If you are currently experiencing this one situation, which is akin to mysteriously losing credit. There is no need to worry, as Bukendroid here will fully review how to stop the latest automated success telcosmodel credits in 2021. But before trying the steps below, it would be good if you remember which package you subscribed to earlier. Because, if you remember first which package you subscribed to. Then it would be easier to match the solution to the many steps discussed at this time.

How to stop the latest automated success telmodeal credit in 2021

There are many reasons that can happen so that our pulse ends in an unknown way. You can accidentally buy packages, forget to subscribe to RBT or NSP, click on fraudulent sites that you frequently visit, and more. But calm down, this time Bucandroid has managed to summarize a variety of methods you can try. Let’s look at the summary below.

1. Type “STOP” in the billing SMS message

Usually, every time you lose your credit, you will get a message. Which usually contains information about the lack of our sucked pulses. So if the case you are experiencing is like this, then it is quite easy to solve it, you know. We only need to unsubscribe from UNREG or the service by replying to a message from that direct billing. For example, you get a credit billing message from membership number 83522, then all you have to do is type STOP and send to 83522. You will then automatically unsubscribe from the unknown service.

2. Manually shut down GPRS service

Often too many users Android Those who do not feel that their internet quota has been exhausted. And at that time they surfaced in cyberspace without realizing that they had used their credit, which is why most people’s credit suddenly ceases. Because, using the internet using credit will definitely cost a lot more than the quota, so it is no surprise if we forget to lose our top up immediately. But calm down, there is a way so that if you forget your quota and accidentally surf the internet, it will not take credit.

For those who are already keen on the steps, check out the following reviews:

  1. Open TELEPHONE And dial type * 363 * 212 #. So not long after that a notification will appear that is useful to turn off internet data access
  2. type 1, And wait a few moments for it to appear SMS Which informs you that your Internet data access has been temporarily terminated successfully.

3. Unsubscribe from RBT or NSP

May be you often lose credit, forgetting that you have subscribed to NSP on Telcomcell services some time ago. Before we discuss further, let us know what is NSP or RBT? NSP itself is an RBT (ring back tone) service. Through this NSP subscription, when the dial tone is on, it will be replaced with a song of the user’s choice. It is quite easy to be able to stop this payment service, where this time we will discuss two ways to deactivate it.

First way, let’s just look at the steps:

  1. If you subscribe first through the following format then here you will stop the NSP Ring on songs
  2. So to unsubscribe, just type a message SMS in such a way Keep phone Send to number 1212.

Continue to the second method, let’s look at the summary below:

  1. If you subscribe to RBT with this format Ring song sub code
  2. So the step to stop it is through a draft message UNSUB RING SONG CODES Send to number 1212.

You need to know, if you forget or do not know the song code from the NSP, you will inevitably have to wait until the NSP period ends. To avoid being missed in credits, you don’t need to top up when the NPS expires. So that the service is interrupted and does not automatically re-subscribe.

४. Unsubscribe from Internet data package

Try to remember, have you subscribed to the data package before? If yes, do it one way. You do not need to remember which dial or data package you purchased to be able to use this step. Because, in this way we will use only one powerful dial to stop all running data package subscriptions.

Adorned with footsteps? Take a look at the tutorial given below:

  1. Open TELEPHONE or dial phone
  2. Put into * 363 # And press The call
  3. After the popup window appears we press menu Other package. Then a list of data packages to be purchased will appear
  4. Then we choose an option STOP / T&C
  5. And finally press options Stop.


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