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google search tips

Google Search Tips

Friends, today we will talk about Google Search, we have been using Google for years, and it does solve our every problem. And Google has become a part of our life too. Google was founded in 1997 as a company And it was made by Sergey Brin and Larry Page during their studies. And this is now in front of us as the better and most beautiful search engine. And let me also tell you that Google does its main earnings with advertising. And now Google finds us in all languages, i.e. Google Search in any language. And we do not even need to type in more because we can search by speaking through Google Voice. There are also many tools on it that make Google Search easier. It also searches our wrong spelling and it also has facilities like Currency Converter, Calculator. Correcting our wrong Wrangle gives correct results as you would type “cheese butter masala”

And you will have suggestions about recipes, ingredients etc. And when searching the name of the phone, it tells its features, prices, specifications, and launch date. It means that Google makes life easier for us.

We can also study from Google because every one information you get from it will be right. Just your phone should have internet.

I’ll tell you some tips and tricks so that you will be able to do Google Search well.
How to Search Better On Google:

1. Search the word or line:

Your search for Quotes that is the exact word in which it is a specific word, such as “Black” Formal Shirt

2. To search the word or line but you are not clear in it:

Meaning you want to search the word or line but you are not clear about it, that is, if you want to search with lyrics, then you can search the song line like “Ranjhan da yaar *

3. Search for a word that has many meanings:

You use (-) Minus Sign to Filter Results. Like “Samsung-smartphone” means you are searching Samsung related information and not Samsung Smartphone.

4. Search for the information on a website:

To search for something, enter the name of the website and enter the next keywords like “site: (Keywords)

5. Finding news of 100 years old that came in the newspaper:

You can use Google News Archive for this.

6. Search for a word or a definition of Definition:

You can find the definition of the word “DEFINE: Engineer πŸ˜‚ Like Search” next to the word.

7. Search by your voice:

You can search from Mic Icon if you need to do a search by voice, such as “Todays News” or “Weather” then you will find that information.

8. Search for a country / religion / time:

For this, you can add Filter using Tools such as “Search for” OnePlus 6 “and” Past 24 Hours “Filter.

9. To search for children or family then:

Use Google’s “Safe Search” feature. That will not show strange results. If you see something upside down, then the brothers will be hanging upside down in front of you. πŸ˜‚ Yes, a little bit of brother Bhaiya πŸ˜‚

10. Flight Details To Search:

You use Google Flights Like, click on More Options, and select the “Flight” option.

Final Words:

I hope this google search tips helpful for you. If you find this google search tipsΒ helpful then don’t forget to share with your friends.

Till then bye bye and keep smiling.

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