Is there a way to get rid of ads on Chrome Android? There is! Check out the discussion below to find out the complete steps to get rid of ads on Chrome Android.

In this technological era, most people use the internet to find information. Yes, surfing the internet is very fun and makes people ‘addicted’ to do it many times.

However, we are often annoyed by the presence of advertisements while surfing the internet, especially on Google Chrome. The presence of advertisements on Google Chrome is actually a natural thing because that’s where the website earns its income.

If you are annoyed by the existence of advertisements on Google Chrome, don’t worry! You can follow how to remove ads on Chrome Android, below.

How to Remove Ads on Chrome Android

How to get rid of ads on Chrome Android can be done using and without third-party applications. Follow the complete steps below!

  1. How to Get Rid of Google Chrome Ads Without Additional Applications

You can remove Google Chrome ads directly from the application. Here’s how you can follow:

First, please open the Google Chrome application on your Android smartphone. Then, look at the top right side of the smartphone screen. There, there is a three vertical dots icon. Click on the icon and select ‘Settings’.

how to remove ads on android chrome

Second, select the ‘Site Settings’ option. Continue by clicking on the ‘Pop-ups and redirects’ option. You will be presented with a toggle related to pop-up ads. If the toggle is blue, please tap it until it turns gray. Done!

how to remove ads on android chrome

After following the steps above, Google Chrome on your Android smartphone will automatically remove or prevent pop-up ads from appearing. So, when surfing the internet, you will no longer be bothered by the presence of that type of advertisement.

How to get rid of ads on Chrome Android doesn’t stop here. You also need to follow the steps below:

First, please click the ‘Ads’ option on the Site Settings menu. To note, the Ads option can be located right below the Pop-ups and redirects option that you chose earlier.

how to remove ads on android chrome

Second, you will be presented with a toggle as in Pop-ups and redirects. If it’s still blue, then you need to click on it until it turns gray. Done! Ads on Google Chrome will automatically be blocked.

Furthermore, if you want to remove notifications from certain sites, you can follow the steps below:

First, select the ‘Notifications’ option on the Site Settings menu. To note, the Notifications option is above the JavaScript option and under the Microphone option.

Second, do the same thing as the explanation above, namely clicking the toggle which is still blue until it turns gray. Done!

  1. How to Remove Google Chrome Ads with Additional Applications

There are a number of applications on the Google Play Store that you can use to get rid of Google Chrome ads. Moreover, all ads in applications on your cellphone (other than Google Chrome) can also be lost by activating the features available in a number of these applications. What are the ad blocking applications in question?

Following are the recommendations of two applications for disappearing Google Chrome ads on Android smartphones and how to use them:

  1. Adclear

The first recommendation is Adclear. This application is proven to ‘work’ in removing various advertisements in applications on your cellphone, including Google Chrome and other browsers. The method is very easy, you first need to download it on the Google Play Store for free.

Once installed on your Android smartphone, please open the Adclear application. Continue with enabling the feature to prevent or block ads, by clicking the Power button. You will then be presented with a VPN notification. At that point, click OK and wait for the process to complete. Done!

Please note, the method above sometimes still does not completely block ads on Google Chrome and other applications. If you experience that, don’t worry. There are still advanced ways you can follow.

Please open the Adclear application again first. Continue by selecting the Advance Protection option. Click Enable Advance Protection. You will be presented with a screen asking you to install the certificate. Just click OK. Done.

After following these steps, it is certain that the ads on Google Chroem and various applications on your smartphone will ‘disappear’ or be blocked.

  1. Adguard

The next application recommendation is Adguard. This application is also proven effective in blocking or removing advertisements on Google Chrome and various applications on Android devices. The method is also very easy, you first have to download it on the Google Play Store.

Once installed on your Android phone, please open the Adguard application. Activate the ad blocking feature by clicking Go to Filters. There, you will be asked to choose what types of ads we want to remove.

Please note, the Adguard application can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. However, the free version can only be used to block ads in the browser.

Well, if you want to block ads in all applications on your device, then you can use the paid version. Indeed, you have to spend money to use the paid version of Adguard, but you won’t be bothered anymore by the appearance of advertisements in various applications on your cellphone.

That’s how to get rid of ads on Chrome Android both with and without additional apps. It is recommended that you use the first method, which is to remove ads directly from the Google Chrome Settings menu. If you haven’t completely eliminated ads, then you need to use additional applications as recommended above. Good luck!

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