12 February, 2021

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Telkomsel is the largest cellular operator in Indonesia with the most users. One of the reasons that Telkomsel is more attractive than other cellular operators is that Telkomsel has a strong signal and network and is spread throughout Indonesia, even in remote areas.

In addition, Telcosmell Telcomsel offers various cheap internet package services for the needs of users. Internet as we know it is a basic need of today’s smartphones that must be met. With internet connection on smartphone, we can do various activities on smartphone.

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On the other hand, a smartphone without internet is like a lifeless body. Well, there is no internet connection on the smartphone, we cannot use a separate application. Well, a few days later, the Telkomsel office experienced a fire that paralyzed Telkosmail’s network in most parts of Sumatra.

The new week relates to the decline in Telcosmell’s network in most parts of Sumatra due to a fire in the Telkomsmail office. Telkomsel providers offer a special package in the form of a Telcosmell 1 rupee package with a quota of 5 GB. In addition, Telcosmail offers a 100 minute free call package and 100 free SMS on Telkomsel.

So for you Telkomsel customers in the North and Central Sumatra region who were affected by the quality deterioration on August 11 yesterday. Now you can activate the Telecom 1 package with 5 GB quota. The following is a full review.

What is 1 rupee package of Telkomsel?

The Telkomsel 1 Rupiah Package is a Telkomsel reimbursement package introduced in 94 cities in Sumatra in the new week due to the impact of the fire at the Telkomsel office, resulting in deterioration in the quality of Telkomsel’s network.

With the 5GB Telkamsel exclusive package, Telkmail users can only use Rs 1 in most areas of Sumatra. So for those of you who do not know how to activate the Telkamsel 1 rupee package. Please check the following steps.

How to register / activate 1 rupee telecommail package

This was accompanied by the restoration of Telcosmell’s network in 94 cities in Sumatra, which were affected by the fire at the Telkompomis office. Telkomcel providers offer their customers a compliment compensation by offering 5 GB internet package for 1 rupee, 100 minutes free calls to fellow Telkomsel numbers and 100 free SMS for Telkomsel numbers.

This special telcosmell compensation package is valid only for 2 days after activation. Now to register or activate the Telkomsel Special Package for prepaid and postpaid customers, you can do this from 13 to 19 August 2020 only through UMB * 888 * 20 # for RBP. 1.

This Rs.1 Telkmail package is valid for Telkomsel customers only once. If a Telkomsel customer has registered for a Telcosmail package of Rs. 1, then he cannot extend the active period of a Telcosmel package of Rs. 1.

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