How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC

play pubg mobile on pc
Play PUBG Mobile On PC: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds made a name for itself last year, popularising the battle royale genre. It launched on Windows, but obtained a mobile version before this season – PUBG Mobile was launched on both the Android and iOS in March and now it’s getting very popular day by day in the android and ios platforms. PUBG mobile was downloaded by 50,000,000+ users.

So In this post, we are going to discuss how to play PUBG mobile on pc. There are So many emulators to run android apps on your PC/Laptop. But we are going to discuss some best emulators for PUBG mobile. with these emulators, you can enjoy PUBG mobile on your PC.

But before that, You must have a question in your mind. Why we need the emulator to play PUBG mobile on PC. when we already have a smartphone.

Why we need the emulator to play PUBG mobile on PC

It’s, in fact, better than playing a mobile phone as you may play on the big screen, without overheating and for a longer duration. Notice: It matches you up with players playing the mobile versions or through emulators. It does not indicate that it only matches you with emulator players. PUBG Mobile is currently a trending game for all game enthusiasts. I saw many individuals playing this game on their PC. You may also play with it on Personal Computer by using the Android emulator that we mention here.

Here are some best PUBG Mobile Emulator

  1. Tencent’s official mobile emulator
  2. Bluestacks
  3. Other options


Tencent’s official mobile emulator

pubg mobile offical emulator

Users will quick to test the mobile version of the game on their Windows PCs with an emulator, causing controversy with the Personal Computer platform allowing for the usage of keyboard and mouse – something which gave these Personal Computer users better controls than consumers who played mobile games on their smartphones.

Currently, Tencent’s official mobile emulator, Gaming Buddy, got the support of PUBG Mobile for Android, giving users an official emulator to play  PUBG mobile games on Windows.

You can download the official Gaming Buddy emulator, which was developed by Tencent Games, to begin playing PUBG Mobile on your Windows PC. The installation package is 8.4MB in size, although the game takes a couple of minutes to download the engine and set up its existence on the machine. It’s also worth noting here that you might observe some lag when playing the game like the Android game is still in its beta version. Once installed, the PUBG Mobile emulator provides the gaming experience at a frame rate of 60fps. You can switch between Hi-def, Full-Hi-def, and Ultra-Hi-def resolutions, based on the display of your system.

Professional users can tweak the engine’s performance by choosing appropriate memory, processor, and DPI settings. In addition, you will find choices to select between Auto, Smooth, Balanced, and Hi-def display quality. You could even record your gameplay from the emulator. The controls on the emulator are comparable to any native Personal Computer games, you want to click on the mouse to attack the opponents or move the pointer to rotate the character. There are also on the screen buttons that fit the original Android version.

In addition, there’s a fullscreen mode to give you sufficient space to discover and kill other players on your trip. In our initial testing on a Windows convertible, we discovered that unlike its original Android variant, the PUBG Mobile emulator does not support touchscreen displays, although the experience was adequate when played with a keyboard and mouse.

Tencent Gaming Buddy. Tencent gaming friend only runs PUBG mobile along with the game is lag-free. No hiccups at all. Only grab it Tencent gaming friend knows that you’re using an emulator and pairs you just with individuals who’re using an emulator. Thus, that’s really balances everything. But its fun to play with. Bluestacks is also great however it used to lag like crazy on my system. The game cannot detect you playing using an emulator so you play with those who are playing on the mobile phone, thus giving you an impulse and trust me, by the time anyone spots you, takes a goal and shoots you, you’ll have put 10 bullets in their heads.

Download    Tencent’s official mobile emulator, Gaming Buddy


bluestack pubg mobile

BlueStacks is a Google Android Emulator and will run the majority of the Google Android Games based on your system specifications. High-End games such as PUBG Mobile or GTA require more high-end specs to play on BlueStacks. Bluestack is my second choice to play PUBG mobile on PC. The reason is simple because it takes too much time to load and has a little bit of lag. Bluestacks is better but not best.

Download Bluestacks

Other Options:

Memu, NoxPlayer, and or even K.O. Emulator. The game is lag-free within this emulator and once I attempted NOxPlayer, it took about half an hour to leave the houses properly. I usually die in the beginning in BlueStacks, but once I was lucky enough to have survived until the entire map rendered properly and won a chicken dinner.

Final Words:

According to me, BlueStacks along with Tencent Gaming Buddy runs PUBG mobile without lag. Though I noticed the Tencent Gaming Buddy be more smooth and lag-free. The Tencent Gaming Buddy will only run the PUBG Mobile game and nothing else. And on the other hand,

Tencent Gaming Buddy, the game is fast and it’s the official emulator to get PUBG mobile.

So These are my Best PUBG mobile emulators to play PUBG mobile.

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