How to overcome the lost voice of your cellphone – In choosing a cellphone, price is not only a matter of appearance, but there are several aspects that should be considered. An important aspect of choosing a cellphone is that it produces the best quality sound. Because it is just a cellphone with attractive looks but the sound is not good or not clear.

How to overcome the lost voice of HP

The HP speaker is a source of sound that is on a cellphone, such as sound when playing songs and videos. If there is no sound on your cellphone while playing songs or games, try to visualize. You must be bored and confused, right? There is no sound when people call, SMS, and other notifications. This can make you nervous and not know that the news has arrived.

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One thing that happens very often with some problems with cell phones is that experienced by smartphone users. This speaker problem is very annoying, moreover, this HP sound problem is often sudden. There can be many solutions to this problem. But before doing so, it is better that we remember or check first. Has our cellphone sound deteriorated due to water fall, water shortage or never updating. So even if your cellphone is not full of volume, the volume is too high, do not act quickly.

How to overcome the lost voice of HP

There are a lot of factors that cannot make a speaker sound on a cellphone, one of the most common is because the cellphone has collapsed. But you do not need to worry anymore, in this article I will tell you how to recover the lost cellphone sound.

1. Check hp mode status

There are various modes and functions on smartphones. Such as muting the sound, vibrating the sound and even preventing visual disturbances. Using this HP mode you can choose what is allowed and which are blocked. This HP mode is the first thing you can do to check the mode status on a cellphone. Sometimes we often forget to activate silent mode, which causes no sound on our cellphone. To revert it back to normal you can change it in your profile, switch again silent mode To normal condition, After that the position of the speaker is reactivated.

2. Turn off hp power

This method is a very easy way to do this and is very effective in eliminating bugs in HP systems. Because this problem is likely due to the bug of the HP operating system, and it is very easy to get rid of it. try Turn off cellphone you then Remove sim card, The battery And memory card. Stand for 1 minute So that no power can enter. Again Turn it on If your cellphone returns, the bug problem will disappear automatically.

3. Check speaker status

You can check the position of the speaker by cleaning the speaker hole. It is possible that the cellphone does not sound as it is dirty or dusty, so try to clean it. Use an air compressor to clean the dust in the speaker holes. Also, to find out the status of HP speakers, we all have to check the speakers. First of all, we need to try pairing the headphones to Android devices, if there is no sound, you can be sure that our cellphone speakers are damaged.

४. Clear the phone cache

The system partition cache is a temporary storage place for system files located in a directory separate from the application cache. By wiping the cache it can normalize things that are damaged again on the system. To clear the cache you can do this in very easy way, ie, press the button power Then Stop it HP Then press the button power + Sound fast Hold for a few seconds. Then go in recovery mode, Go to the squares Erase And click wipe cache And on Confirmation.

5. factory reset

If you have not managed to solve the sound problem by doing some of the methods above, then you need to do a factory reset. Factory reset can reset various damaged settings to default settings. This happens because the factory reset has a function to repair the system that is actually damaged. When you reset cellphone settings by default, this is probably the reason for the program speaker, not the sound. you can enter Adjustment, Then tap general management And tap reset settings.

६. Turn off bluetooth

Sometimes we forget to turn off our cellphone Bluetooth while listening to music using the speaker. This can cause no sound on the cellphone. Why so? Because the cellphone is connected to the speaker via Bluetooth, all the sounds of the cellphone will come out on the speaker. If this kind of problem suddenly makes the sound on your cellphone disappear, then to solve this problem you can do it in very easy way, just turn off the Bluetooth.

Remove suspicious applications

If you frequently install applications outside the Playstore, you must ensure that the application is safe when installed on your cellphone. Because applications outside the Playstore can carry viruses, and the virus will damage the system. Cellphone cannot make sound due to virus causing damage to the system. If you lose the sound of your cellphone due to this, then go to Settings and check the application immediately. After that, go to the application management menu, then view the application and remove it immediately. This kind of step usually works and some have already implemented it.

Using the HP Voice Application

The use of the hp voice application has a function that is quite helpful and it can adjust the sound on your cellphone. We can outperform cellphones that have no voice due to the problem of using Bluetooth speakers that are still active. You can find it on google play store, Is an example of a sound application Soundabout. Sometimes a simple approach in this way is also effective for correcting the sound on a cellphone.

९. HP President Services

This last method is a method that cannot actually be repaired using the method above. HP speaker is being serviced, this may be because the internal speaker of your cellphone is actually damaged. The internal speaker of a damaged cellphone can have various causes, one of which is that the cellphone is exposed to water and is very hot. HP speaker service can be done by purchasing components yourself or you can also use a service. Also check if your cellphone still has a warranty, if there is still a warranty, you can service it without paying a fee.


Those are some ways to deal with lost cellphone sounds, in the hope that the above method can help with problems with your cellphone speakers. That way, I hope your cellphone speaker sounds are not normal. Don’t forget to share this article on your social media, and see you soon.