Time Travelers Thompson skin: Garena Free Fire Often new Weapon Loot Boxes, skins, bundles, and other items are released for players to purchase. Players can purchase these items from the in-game store. They can sometimes get them from time-limited events.

Free fire recently Time Travelers Thompson skin Has been released. Which can be obtained from Weapon Loot Crate. The loot box includes the highly sought-after Time Travelers Thompson Gun Skin, among other items.

Time Travelers Thompson skin Has great features that enhance the performance of the Thompson SMG on the virtual battlefield to the player.

Get Time Travelers Thompson skin in Free Fire

The Time Travelers Weapon Loot Crate is a Weapon Skin set. It includes a series of time-limited and permanent skin. Players can acquire these skins by purchasing loot crates.

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When players open the loot crate, they will receive any skin from the box.

The player Free fire in Time Travelers Thompson skin Follow the steps given below to achieve: –

Step 1 players Free fire The game should open and tap on the ‘Store’ tab on the left corner of the screen.

Step 2 They can then tap on the ‘Armory’ section and select the Time Travelers Thompson tab.

Step 3 Players should then navigate to the ‘Purchase’ option in the lower-right corner of the screen and tap on it. A pop-up will appear, asking them to confirm the purchase.

Step 4 The price of a single crate coupon is 40 dmons. Players can confirm a purchase to obtain a crate.

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Step 5 After getting the crate, players can open it to check if they have found the Time Travelers Thompson skin.