Get Cobra Strike grenade during Friends Callback event: Free Fire Has emerged as one of the leading games of its genre on mobile games. The game’s developers periodically introduce several in-game cosmetic items that allow players to customize the visual aspect to some extent. In addition, they also combine multiple events allowing players to purchase multiple items.

Currently, in Free Fire Project cobra events Are ongoing, and players can obtain various special items. A callback event has also been introduced, and players can get the Grenade – Cobra Strike at no cost.

How to get Cobra loot box

How to get Cobra strike grenade through Friends Callback event in Free Fire

Friends Callback event It has started recently and will be finished in six days. During this event, players have to bring back some friends who Grenade – Cobra Strike To get some rewards including Free fire Were not active in

The list of rewards present in the events is as follows: –

  • 5x Cobra Dice: Call Back one friend
  • 5x Cobra Dice: Call Back three friends
  • 10x Cobra Dice and Grenade – Cobra Strike: Call Back five friends
  • 20x Cobra Dice: Call Back seven friends

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Players can participate in this event and receive the rewards given above: –

Step 1 First of all Free fire You can open the game and tap on the icon of ‘Friends’ at the top of the screen.

Step 2 The player has to click on the ‘Call Back’ tab.

Step 3 After that they have to select the ‘Call Back’ option next to any of the rewards.

Step 4 A dialog box will show the list of inactive friends.

Step 5 Users can click the ‘Invite’ button and share the link with friends who Free fire Are not active in

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If players connect to the links provided, their progress will increase, and they can collect items corresponding to the number of callbacks made.