Project Cobra event now Free fire Is running in As part of this event, Free Fire has introduced various themed events and costume items to the game.

New Cobra Rage bundle And Cobra Fist has finally been released in the game, and the player has given them new Cobra Ascension event Can be obtained from

How to get Cobra Rage bundle and Cobra Fist in Free Fire

From Players In-Game Store Cobra rage bundle And Cobra fist Can not buy directly. For now, they only Cobra Ascension event Can be obtained from.

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To obtain these items, players must create the Legendary Cobra Egg to assemble at the Cobra Spin Event. Players will be able to receive bundles and other items when they reach a specific number of tokens.

A single spin will cost 20 diamonds, while a pack of 5 spins costs 90 diamonds. Players can also exchange any of the three Rewards from the bag for another draw.

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Cobra rage bundle

Cobra rage bundle One of its kind as it can be customized in four colors as per the choice of the player. The color options are as follows: –

  • Red – Unlocked on purchase
  • Yellow – Unlocked on achieving the gold rank
  • Blue – Unlocked on achieving the platinum rank
  • Purple – Unlocked on achieving the diamond rank

Here is a list of items that players can get from Cobra Ascension.

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  • Cobra Flash Banner: At 1 Legendary Cobra Egg
  • Cobra Flash Avatar: At 2 Legendary Cobra Egg
  • AK-47 Legendary Cobra: At 3 Legendary Cobra Egg
  • Cobra Fist: At 4 Legendary Cobra Egg
  • Cobra Rage bundle: At 5 Legendary Cobra Egg

The bundle also offers several special bonus rewards such as: –

Emote Lead – Lead a dance in the squad lobby
Exclusive Emote – Predator Pulse
Arrival Animation – Special animation when you join a squad
Parachuting Animation – Special animation when wearing the top