Garena announces 50% discount on Incubator Safari Riot on Free Fire. How to access Incubator Safari Riot on Free Fire

Free Fire Incubator Safari Riot: How To Get 50% Off All Spins – Garena announces 50% discount on Incubator Safari Riot in Free Fire. Garena continually brings new events and items to Free Fire to keep the game going. Today, Garena announced a huge discount on Safari Riot Incubator that will be available for a limited time. Garena will offer a 50% discount to all players on all spins to get Incubator Safari Riot. The publication about it, mentioned below:

Garena announced,

Survivors! The incubator is 50% off all spins all day today! Get a chance to collect the Safari Riot Packs when you collect enough blueprints and evolution stones! What package do you want more? “

How to get 50% discount on all spins in Free Fire Incubator Safari Riot?

This discount will help players get their favorite cosmetic set using fewer diamonds. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how players can get this incubator discount today.

This discount offer is only valid for today, where you need to hurry to spin and claim your rewards. It is the perfect time for players to use their diamonds to obtain the exclusive packages. To redeem those packs, players must trade in the Blue Print of Safari Riot event and the evolution stone. Players can obtain both items through spins. After the discount, each spin will cost only 20 diamonds. While 5 spins will cost only 90 diamonds, which is great.

How many tokens are needed to redeem items?

Gators Papercut Pack = 3 Safari Riot Blue Print + 7 Evolution Stones

Zebra Papercut Pack = 2 Blue Print Safari Riot + 5 Evolution Stones

Tiger Papercut Pack = 2 Safari Riot Blue Print + 4 Evolution Stones

Grizzly Papercut Pack = 1 Safari Riot Blueprint + 3 Evolution Stones

How to access Incubator Safari Riot on Free Fire –

First Store: Open Free Fire and tap the “Luck Royale” button

Second step: click on the Incubator option and choose the required spin

Third step = After choosing the required spins, click enter to redeem the items