PUBG New State APK Download 2021: PUBG New State Has been announced, PUBG Established in the year 2051 in the map of the region called Troi. PUBG New State, Now open for pre-registration on the Google Play Store, will soon be available for pre-registration for the Apple App Store.

According to the trailer released by South Korea-based company Krafton, the game will feature new weapons, new vehicles and drones. There is a separate website for this version.

PUBG New State The new state is also set to receive ultra-realistic graphics and dynamic gunplay, according to a description shared by the developer on the Google Play Store.

Which countries are there where pre-registrations are not available for PUBG New State?

Game trailer PUBG Mobile Featured a Battle Royal setting similar in essence, which meant that PUBG enthusiasts should be able to play the game without too much trouble.

Users who pre-register for the game will get the skin of the vehicle forever, which is given on the game’s official website. The game’s official release date has not yet been announced by the developer, but reports suggest that it will be available to Android and iOS users by the end of this year.

Pre-registration for the game on the Google Play Store is not available in India, and it is unclear whether the game will be available only after launch.

Know some special things about PUBG Mobile New State

Government of India, among more than 100 other applications for having links with China over alleged privacy violations PUBG Mobile Was banned, and despite efforts by PUBG users and developers to bring the game back, the game remains banned.

PUBG New State APK Download 2021: How to Pre-Register PUBG New State Game

The player PUBG New State To pre-register for, follow the steps given below: –

Step 1 Players must first open the pre-registration page of PUBG New State on Google Play Store.

Step 2 Players will then have to tap “Pre-Register” on the green button.

Step 3 A dialog box will pop up, asking to confirm the confirmation of the register.

Step 4 After that, players have to press the “ok” button. If they want to install the game when available, they can click on the “Install when available” option.