How to Delete Order History at Shopee – Items that have been purchased at Shopee are automatically stored in the order history list. If allowed to pile up, it certainly reduces the aesthetic appearance of the Shopee account.

It’s no wonder that many users are looking for ways to delete order history on Shopee. Is it possible? Let’s find the answer in this article.

As we know, this online buying and selling application has a wide selection of products that can be sold. Besides being complete, Shopee offers a variety of attractive features that benefit users.

For example, such as free postage promos, shopping vouchers to big discounts. No wonder many are using it.

The Easiest Way to Delete Order History on Shopee

As mentioned in the initial discussion, Shopee offers many offers that make it far superior to other applications in its class. For example, users can enjoy free postage vouchers if the old voucher is up.

Of course, with these advantages, users are even more enthusiastic about shopping at Shopee, which ultimately leads to a longer order history at Shopee. Because it is annoying, not a few want to delete the order history list.

Unfortunately, Shopee did not explain how to delete order history at Shopee so that many were confused. Finally, we took the initiative to ask this question from Shopee’s customer service.

From the answers they gave, we can conclude if there is no way to delete the order history at Shopee that you need. However, it is possible that Shopee will provide these features later to enhance the user experience.

A solution for those who are disturbed by the order history, you can create a new Shopee account so that the order history list at Shopee can be erased, aka empty like the initial account creation. So you don’t have to look for a way to delete your order history on Shopee.

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How to Remove Shopee’s Last Seen Products

Apart from finding out how to delete the order history list on Shopee, not a few are looking to find out how to delete the last seen product. This is usually done so that other users don’t know what we last saw on the Shopee application.

Even so, unfortunately Shopee also has not provided a feature to remove the last seen product from the application. But you can outsmart by opening a new product so that the old product is not visible. Shopee provides a limit of 20 products that appear in the history list.

This means that you can open more products than that so that the product you want to remove is not listed in Last Seen. It is easy but seems unsuitable for some users. Because they want something simpler and less complicated.

How to Delete Shopee Shopping Cart

There are several payment methods at Shopee, for example m-banking, ATMs to the ShopeePay feature which sometimes make us go too far when putting items in our shopping cart.

If you don’t checkout, your shopping cart will be full. In fact, users can only accommodate as many as 99 stores. So it’s no wonder you have to delete your shopping cart if you don’t need it. Here’s the tutorial:

  1. Come in first to the Shopee account via the application or the official website.
  2. Select an icon shopping cart the one on the top right.
  3. Click choose all in the below section.
  4. Then choose delete whose menu is next to the previous view.
  5. Done, you’ve deleted the shopping cart at Shopee at once.

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For those who are looking for ways to delete order history on Shopee, you have to wait for the latest Shopee feature updates. Because at this time, the order history at Shopee still cannot be deleted as the user intended.