GrabMaps provides location-based services for AWS users in Southeast Asia Tech – Application Leader in Southeast Asia, catchHe announced his joining today Hold the map As a data provider for Amazon Location Services, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) location-based service that helps developers securely add maps, points of interest (POI), geocoding, routing, tracking, and geofencing to their applications.

AWS customers using Amazon Location Services can now access high-resolution regional map data from GrabMaps in Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand covering more than 50 million addresses and location points (POIs). . Customers can use Grab’s hyperlocal search and routing functions that adapt to local characteristics, from small roads to hard-to-reach places.

Many organizations from various industrial sectors, including technology, logistics, telecommunications, and government agencies, require location-based services for their applications. Through this collaboration, developers and teams using Amazon Location Services can enhance or build their own applications that support location mapping using GrabMaps. AWS customers can display the most up-to-date information they need on local maps and use the search box to quickly find user addresses and the right POIs.

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Customers can add route planning and optimization to their app using up-to-date GrabMaps traffic and road network data. They can calculate the fastest routes and provide accurate arrival times taking into account parameters such as transport conditions, actual traffic conditions, departure times and more.

GrabMaps Chief Product Officer Phillip Kandel said, “GrabMaps provides a unique picture of Southeast Asia, with data and functionality that excels in sophistication, scope and accuracy. We are excited to partner with a world-class infrastructure like AWS to share our capabilities with other companies and help them build services and applications that better serve Southeast Asians.

AWS ASEAN Managing Director Conor McNamara said, “In Southeast Asia’s fast-paced digital economy, access to accurate and cost-effective mapping data is essential to support effective operations in the e-commerce, transportation, and logistics sectors. GrabMaps’ integration into Amazon Location Services now provides AWS customers and their end users with up-to-date local mapping across Southeast Asia.

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Functionality and cost-effectiveness – benefits offered by the core functionality of GrabMaps – have helped businesses using Amazon’s location services maximize the potential of the platform.

For example, Luce SG, a Singapore-based on-demand home service platform through which customers can easily order services for their homes and offices, from cleaning services to AC unit repairs.

Jason Zhang, director of Luce SG, said, “As we expanded into Indonesia and the Philippines, it was difficult to get reliable mapping and routing data when we needed to send our service personnel into the field. Unofficial roads in different parts of the country are places in these two countries.

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The Amazon Location Services maps and routing data powered by GrabMaps are some of the most accurate in the region, enabling more efficient operations for our customers and enhancing their user experience. Armed with Amazon Location Services and GrabMaps, we are confident of delivering consistent on-time services across all regions where we operate, including outside of Singapore.

Amazon Location Services is a location-based service that helps developers easily and securely add maps, location points (POI), geocoding, routing, tracking, and geofencing to their applications without compromising data quality, user privacy, and cost.

GrabMaps, a service first developed for Grab’s internal use, has now been expanded to strengthen Grab’s services across its operations. GrabMaps is built on the principle of community-based mapping, so this service provides high-quality yet cost-effective mapping information.

The service integrates Grab’s extensive network of consumers, merchant partners, driver partners and delivery partners – by compiling and updating daily mapping data of millions of orders and trips, along with road closures, business address changes and information directly from partners. Again. other data.

Every month, GrabMaps makes more than 800 billion API (Application Programming Interface) calls, including access to location, delivery, calculation of travel time, routing, navigation and more. GrabMaps has helped add more than 800,000 kilometers of routes not previously available on OpenStreetMap.