Garena Free Fire Hack: Free Fire Game play is played by people around the world. Mobile gaming gives users easy access, and anyone can download millions of free games and start playing.

Launched 3 years ago Free fire The game became an instant hit due to its unique nature and fast gameplay. It also helps players to co-ordinate with friends comfortably.

However, in order to gain an unfair advantage over others, some players are third party APK Let’s use hack. This act not only ruins the game for those who play objectively, but also destroys the competitive integrity of the game.

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Know why the account was banned by Garena Free Fire

To counter these cheaters and maintain a fair game, Garena is banning cheaters from games. In the last two weeks, developers have banned 1,045,826 accounts for various cheats. According to Free Fire, 50% of hackers were banned as reported by players.

In a previous previous report, Garena banned 1,335,831 accounts for fraud. This time, they have banned 21% fewer cheaters.

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Free fire Also deliberately banned 27,500 accounts for engaging with hackers. In the final report, the developer banned more than 80, 000 players, who deliberately acted in fraud.

A detailed description of the percentage of hacking software used by players in the last two weeks is as follows: –

62% of players were cheated due to the use of Auto-Aim. Using the third party script, Auto-Aim is used to shoot enemies.

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12% banned due to teleportation usage. It is used to quickly move from one place to another without covering the actual physical distance.

4% were suspended due to use of the ability to move from using Covers and walls.

And a 5% ban on wall hacks was imposed due to the use of antenna hacks. These hacks are used to know the status of enemies. The remaining 17% got banned for other reasons.

Free fire Developers have also adjusted anti-hack measures and adapted methods to detect hackers for a better experience.