Our curated list of games such as For Honor features more hack and slash fighting games that focus on skill and physics to make realistic battles a hands-on experience.

games like for honor

Ubisoft has developed a game Center for Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Which controls the game from a third-person perspective among sensible quarters between the Knights, Vikings, and Samurai. Action in provide a suitable game backdrop with the Honor of the Fantasy and medieval setting.

Joining the ranks of The Choice Samurai, The Warborne Vikings, and The Iron Legion Knights will command their Samurai, Viking, and Knight respectively. There are many more classes within each faction that change the gameplay and strategy.

Best Games Like For Honor

If you are also looking for games like For Honor, then you have come to the right place. Here we will tell you five such games that will be similar or better than For Honor.

1. Hero and Castle 2 

Hero and Castle 2 is an action, role-playing, a single-player and multiplayer strategy video game that takes place in an exciting environment. Where the player has to build his army to protect his castle RTS game. In the world, monsters, ghosts, and strange creatures are coming to destroy the player’s castle.

hero and castles 2

The main task is to get into the game from a third-person point of view, choose one of three races to revise the hero, and summon a considerable army to fight next to the player in the conflict. Defend the castle and conquer the land to become a hero. The game is a mixture of strategy, castle defense, and action-RPG gameplay elements and introduces the game level up system.

This game available for Android.

2. Doom Warrior 

It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing and arena-based combat video game that takes you into the brutal world of gladiator combat. You will become more potent after completing the main plot.

During the gameplay, you must kill a wave of vicious creatures with multiple levels while gaining power, money, and splendor. You have to crush your enemies, see them begging for death, and hear the cry for their comrades.

doom warrior

This game has PvE modes, and you can interact with other players around the world and show off your abilities by defeating them in one-on-one battles. Apocalypse Warrior includes Gladiator Combat, Craft Your Gear, Proceederly Generated Loot, Decide Your Enemy’s Destiny, and more.

This game available for Windows, Android, and iOs.

3. World of Blades: Zombie Slasher 

It is an action, hack-and-slash, and single-player video game that takes place in the 2D world. Several playable characters are available, and the game allows the player to jump into the game and take on upcoming waves of enemies using their hack and slash skills.

world of blades

The game casts the player in the role of Blade Master who must avoid destroying the world by combating enemies. It renders the gameplay reasonably simple but challenging to master. Using simple controls, the player needs to compete against the gladiators to survive as long as possible to score and become a master.

The gameplay is quite simple, kill enemies. In the game, the player can attack both sides to land enemies and score.

This game available for Android and iOS.

4. Blood and Glory 

It is an action, sword fighting, single-player, and multiplayer video game which developed and published by Glu. The game takes place in a realistic environment and has a variety of legends that require the player to choose a warrior to participate in the world. Each character has their unique skills and abilities, which the player can use to defeat enemies.

blood and glory

The game introduces a massive arsenal of deadly weapons and puts the player in a unique experience of the exciting combat arena. At the beginning of the game, the player chooses to fight against his character and competitor in stunning environments.

The objective is to take the opponent down and take them to the next level, using swords and bamboos. Blood and Glory include key features such as Special Attack, Invictus Victory, Lethal Weapons, Slash Gore.

 This game available on Android.

5. Zeno Clash 

zeno clash

Zeno Clash is a game that focuses on hands-on combat in a truly wacky game world. The game was first launched on Windows in 2009 with the release of the Xbox 360 the following year. In Zeno Clash you will discover the fictional world of Zenozoic as a pier. Ghat is walking with his siblings after the discovery that he killed his creator.

 This game available on Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows.