Freefireluckydraw com – is it true that you can get 9999 Free Fire Diamonds for free by opening the Freefireluckydraw site – recently, every survivor often talks about a website that is asked to provide objects and DIAMOND for free . Is this true or a scam? According to the information we collect from the free fire survivors, at least 9,999 diamonds have been produced on the website. But, can you have 9999 free diamonds on your website? Let’s discuss all the information together in this review so that the survivors can get more information before going to Lucky Draw Com Free Fire.

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About the site

FF players are discussing the site. It is said that this website can provide quality goods for free. Apart from the item, the site also promises a 9999 diamond bonus. No wonder many players want to visit this website. In fact, many similar websites have grown like mushrooms, but it seems that there are still many players who do not realize the dangers of posing as the official Free Fire phenomenon.

This website with full address is actually a hot topic among free fire survivors. Every player who plays the online game Free Fire should be curious about this website. So this time our post will discuss in detail about the websites which provide skins, items and 9999 diamonds ff. Is this website safe or dangerous? For this, the survivor should carefully follow the complete instructions given below. So that the survivors can get answers to these questions.

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Is Open safe?

Answer is not safe. When you visit the free Lucky website, you will see an exclamation point in a triangle on the left side of the domain. This sign indicates that the site is unsafe or dangerous. You cannot visit websites with this logo, let alone enter personal information. Avoid logging in from any account on the website with this logo or providing email and password access. Your account can be hacked or traded by irresponsible people.

This free lucky draw com website is very dangerous. Therefore, if the survivor does not want their FF account to experience problems, it is better if the survivor does not try to access it. If you’re very curious, try to go to the survivors, and the survivors will see a hint (!). In the triangle column, the website name is Lucky Draw Free Fire. This sign indicates that this website is very insecure / malicious. Therefore, for survivors who are curious about the security of this website, the answer is very insecure.

If the survivor is very eager to access and use this website, the survivor must be prepared to accept all risks that will be accepted. All personal data you provide while using this website will be hacked / stolen by the website creator. For example, Gmail login data, Facebook login and free fire login data, all of these can be stolen by website developers. In addition, the site may cause Garina to impose heavy restrictions on free fire protection accounts as a permanent restriction. So we say that if this website is too dangerous for the survivors, we hope that not all survivors will try to visit this website. If you do not want to lose your free fire account.

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How Site Works

Freefireluckydraw com, Open and Get 9999 Diamond FF

The site will ask you to press the play button. The site will randomly select a gift you can get for free. The awards displayed are also different. From weapon appearances to thousands of free diamonds. After the spin system automatically selects the prize, you will be asked to log in. To win the prize, you will need to log in with Facebook or VK from your Free Fire account. The login system requires you to enter this email and password, which can be a data theft practice.

To explain the survivors of what we said above, our team also tried to use our backup ff account to access the website for verification. The way this website works is very simple, here is how we tested it ourselves:

  • Visit the site
  • We can see the promises given on the homepage of this website.
  • Click “Start Spin” to start it.
  • Press “Get it now” to get the bonus from the round.
  • Use a VK / FB account to log in.
  • Follow the “verification” process
  • done

After our experiment on the website, it was discovered that our PRZES were confirmed to be 9999 diamonds without any leather / FF items. So we remind you again, if FF Survivor does not want to steal / ban account, please do not try to visit Lucky Draw Free Fire website.

The reason why is dangerous?

Why is dangerous? The first reason is that these websites can steal your personal information. Start with email, password and other account permissions. Personal data can be shared or traded on the Internet and used for irresponsible actions. Not to mention, this website will ban you. You will see that the websites that promise to provide free items and diamonds are not official, nor are they managed by Garna as the developer of Free Fire.

This website is as solid and professional as the official and free fire website. Specifically the FF logo at the top right and the words “Copyright Garena Free Fire International” at the bottom. If you log in with the smartphone, the situation will get worse, and all the security data on the phone can also be threatened. Instead of using a high risk website of fraud, it is better to use it in a safe and legal way.

Last word

This is the message we can all convey, hopefully the above information can answer the curiosity of the respondents about the temptation to give 9999 diamond ff.